Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most common searches because the acclaimed Microsoft Corporation upped its operating system utility game with the introduction of the Windows 10 version two years ago. This software has to be the best IMB compatible operating system to date, beating the Windows 7 which dominated for years even after the introduction of the Windows 8 version. Streamlining the use of desktop applications and with support for the super smart Cortana, better than before interface and many new as well as refined classic features, the Windows 10 operating system is certainly up a notch as compared to its counterparts.

This Windows 10 has been classified into several relevant sections to give a detailed overview of the system itself.

Windows 10 supports a very rich interface which has been designed to maximize user experience, increasing ease-of-access and addressing various shortcomings of the previous Windows 8 software. The Start Menu has made a comeback while the Live Tiles interface exists but with many modifications which make it much productive than before. The Menu opens an All Apps list which was one of the key features of Microsoft Windows OS until Windows 8; it is a welcome return for the users.

The Windows App Store has also been modified in design to make it more useful, search tools and other features have greatly. One valuable addition to the user interface is the introduction of the File Explorer utility which has simplified regular file search for users, something very useful for professionals and therefore, a Windows 10 can’t certainly complete without a comment on it. Microsoft has retained different access to general settings and control panel with some improvements. The interface is much better than it was in Windows 8 without question.

Windows’ artificial intelligence features have upgraded as well in Windows 10, and so Cortana has become smarter than before. What needs to is the fact that Cortana cannot be in Windows 10 but the user can certainly control what the AI assistant can access or not, for example, the location, browsing history or emails, etc. The Cortana Search Bar can also very easily. The one plus of Windows 10 is that the artificial intelligence aid can use from the Lock Screen itself.

It can be used to work through playlists or access basic utilities such as time or weather updates etc. Cortana is one useful AI feature and is worth a mention in a Windows 10; some may classify as the Microsoft masterstroke in innovation which cannot be termed as false actually. Cortana has an advantage over Google Now or even Siri of the iOS, and it is that it only knows what you let it know, the important contacts or your to-do-list or interests or whatever.

What it won’t interfere with it is not given access to. Cortana Reminders features have been improved greatly in Windows 10 as well. The most innovative feature of Cortana in Windows 10 is that it has now become a cross-platform assistant, you can enable notifications through your android phones as well.

The Windows Desktop Apps
Microsoft introduced desktop applications in the Windows 8 version. These specialized desktop applications were designed to enhance the user experience by providing a smartphone kind of convenience; the Windows 10 operating system has come better and more productive integration of Windows desktop applications. These support desktop notifications and use via smart tabs as well.

Any applications found in the Windows App Store is as Windows Universal Applications which means that these can be used not only on phones and tablets but the desktops as well. You can download the desktop version of any Windows application by simply locating it in the Windows App Store integrated into your desktop’s operating system.

One of the most productive features of the Windows 10 operating system is its integrating support for one Drive sync which allows the users to get access to cross-platform cloud storage. It is one of the most important features and so makes it to our Windows 10. With One Drive at hand, office documents, photos, and music can be easily synced to cloud storage and accessed across various platforms over the internet. One Drive cannot only be located on all devices running on a Windows OS but through android devices as well.

Gaming and Groove
Windows 10 supports Xbox like gaming interface which has earned a lot of acclaim ever since its release. It is convenient and exactly what avid gamers would like to have. With the built-in Music support application Groove, Windows 10 has innovated greatly to improve the music experience. Curate your playlists and take control of all utilities with desired ease, the rich interface is simply brilliant.

Action Centre
The Windows 10 Action Centre is another great utility which resembles a smartphone Quick Action menu which has been designed to increase the ease-of-access and allow the user to work through notifications instantly instead of opening all apps and checking them separately for announcements. It gives the user complete control over instant operations and this why it is in this Windows 10.

Windows 10 supports the Microsoft Edge web browser which has been integrated into the OS itself and supports an independent application like format. It has a minimalistic, reading mode design, it is secure and works efficiently. Microsoft has improved its security specs to a great extent, and Edge has been provided with maximum internet security while maintaining processing efficiency. Microsoft Edge has made it to the most highly rated web browsers in the past year or so, which makes its mention in a Windows 10 as mandatory.

The bottom line is that Microsoft Corporation has addressed all the shortcomings of the Windows 88 OS, brought back some of the old features, introduced new ones and refined many of the existing ones. A balanced Windows 10 puts all cards in its favor; it is the best OS for any IBM compatible machine.