VyprVPN is a reliable VPN service developed by Golden Frog, Inc. When using public network or Wi-Fi, privacy is the major concern as your browsing information and other credentials are easily accessible for unauthorized parties. Virtual Private Network helps you at such times by keeping your network secure and its traffic away from the sight of intruders, hackers and ISP providers. VPN creates a virtual path through which data travels when the sharing process is ongoing between two users. Different versions are available for home and business users that can accommodate their requirements in an effective way.

Server Connection:
VyprVPN provides the facility of connecting your PC to a fast server. However, it is necessary to install network adapter by TAP-Link to enable compatibility. It finds the fastest server closest to your current location and connects it in no time. It also detects your IP address and hides it with a virtual address to ensure high level security. As a result, no website or hacker can get aware of your actual location and thus will fail to track you easily.

User Interface:
The software possesses a compact graphical interface that contains information about your network. On the top of home screen, you can notice a graph that displays the current uploading and downloading speed of your network. It also shows public IP address of your PC that is visible to other clients. If the connection with VPN is established successfully, then exact time duration of connection will be shown too. The name of VPN Protocol acquired can be seen, while encryption method informs you of the technique used for secure data sharing. You can also found out whether NAT Firewall is activated or not.

The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the icon present below title bar. Here you can choose protocol from Chameleon, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP on the basis of required encryption type. DNS settings can be modified to protect DNS Leaks, while account settings let you manage your account, data usage and app updates. Through connection settings you can enable automatic reconnection, kill switch and Wi-Fi or choose startup options. General settings have categories of desktop notifications, sounds, language and startup, whereas Advanced settings deal with route delay, MTU and other aspects.

The clear-cut interface of VyprVPN makes it a suitable choice for both beginners and professional users who want to avail its benefits without many efforts. Establishment of connection takes very short time, while data transfer process is quick too. You can unlock content that is not accessible in your area and enjoy browsing in a secure manner. More than 700 servers from different countries can be used and free server switching is possible for unlimited times.

VyprVPN is a licensed tool with trial version available for evaluation purpose. You can use it on multiple platforms for maintaining privacy of your browsing history, chat messages and downloading information. Internet is considered an unsafe place for data and this type of software application are essential in hiding personal information from hackers who can cause you severe harm.