Top 6 Torrent software

uTorrent has been one of the best torrent sites on the internet today. It is where most of the people download what they want to download, freely. Most of the things that are shown in the torrent sites are the things that everyone hopes to get but don’t certainly get those for free, usually. However, even in 2018, torrent sites are still considered as illegal, but who cares anyway? We still do not get caught because of this.

What if uTorrent has shut down? What would you do? Where would you go? This article will provide you enough knowledge and information on where to go when uTorrent does not work well . These are the 6 other torrent alternatives for uTorrent.


Why is this at the top of the list? It’s simply because this torrent is created and is intended to be a replacement for uTorrent. With that saying, this one is almost similarly made to what uTorrent is. Everything that it is made up of, it is similarly almost like the same as what qBittorrent is made up of, from all of the features, add-ons and even almost in the design. It is also open-source, does not require a huge amount of memory in your computer and this one is absolutely 100% free to use It also comes with a very simple user interface, nothing much complicated when using it, you will not be confused on some of the clicking terms and options that this torrent has

If you are quite used to what uTorrent is, then this one is not too much to handle and too much to learn. Most likely how it looks like is just similar to how qBitorrent looks like. However, this is not in its full capacity yet, at some point, this still lacks some of those advanced features that you would usually look for in every torrent application. But overall, this one performs good and does good.


As qBitorrent is created as a replacement for uTorrent, BitTorrent is created by the company that created uTorrent. If you do not like how advanced and really good uTorrent is, and you just want to have a torrent that is an alternative to it, then BitTorrent is for you. It is just almost the same as what uTorrent is, but with lesser features and fewer changes from the logo. Seriously though, their logos are almost the same with each other.

One catch with BitTorrent is that you cannot create your own torrent, which is a little bit normal for other torrent programs. But if you are a person who just downloads stuff and benefits from the torrent sites, then just get this.


This is one of the best alternatives for uTorrent. It also has the same source code, which means you will find it similar with qBittorrent and uTorrent. The design and the interface of Deluge are very simple, but it is not as clear as what qBittorrent’s interface is This one is very free to use; very clear and one best thing is that it does not require you to purchase and use your own money in order to have additional features and things to have

If you want to have additional features, you can go to Deluge’s website and have more plugins by downloading them and have your Deluge have some added functionality. With that being said, Deluge is something amazing because you could download some functions and features that you can actually make use of, unlike torrent software that does not actually make sense.


To start, Vuze is a closed source torrent software, completely different to what most are, specifically like uTorrent. It has a few ads on it, so after installation of the program, expect to have some adware coming around your computer Do not worry, it does not harm your computer though, because if it would, Vuze would not be on the list. To get some extra features, to enjoy and use them, you have to buy, purchase and spend money. The premium version of Vuze is called as Vuze Plus which you can get this with a fair amount of price.

What is amazing with Vuze is its advanced version, because of the advanced features. There are features that are offered like, media converter, file converter, media players, notifications, plugin support and more That is why it is really worth it to purchase the advanced version of Vuze.


Tixati is another closed source software with fewer ads, or probably no ads and annoying stuff. It comes with its simplicity is also its unique interface, compared to the other torrent clients found on the Internet, the interface of Tixati is something weird, in other words, it needs a lot of getting used to

Tixati can be used by those who are professional in using torrent clients and also for those who are new in the torrent world. The data that you get in the charts that Tixati show is the data there is gathered in real-time. As described by how it looks, it definitely is not something that new nor average users will understand. Most of the people who will love Tixati are those who are too much of technical people. And finally, one really great feature of Tixati is its in-client community feature where you can socialize with others.


BitComet is a well-known BitTorrent client that allows you to quickly download multiple torrent files from any supported website. It is an efficient tool that can work very fast on Windows operating system. It is a freeware that supports FTP and HTTP network protocols. Being a hybrid downloads manager, this works on the basis of P2P file sharing. It is a stable computer application and is capable of downloading all types of files. While downloading the software, the setup asks to download some other free tools as well. Therefore the users must be careful in choosing the required download options.

Those are the best alternatives that you can find if ever uTorrent does not work. You can try each one of them and see which one suits you uTorrent is such an amazing torrent client, maybe nothing will surpass its ability to provide quality service, but who knows? Maybe one of these 6 will suit you. Go check them out.