Top 5 Firefox Quantum Add-ons in 2018

Firefox is one of the major browsers that people use. Recently it got a big update, which introduced a brand new way to work with add-ons. The update version of Firefox is called Mozilla Firefox Quantum.
Some of the main changes in this update are:

  • New way for creating add-ons
  • Better security and very little chances of getting malicious add-ons
  • Developers have less freedom with the add-ons
  • Developers will have specific tools to build the new add-ons

Top 5 Firefox Add-ons for 2018

LastPass – Password Manager
It helps you to organize all your passwords, keeps them secure and makes the login process very easy. It also lets you store notes and documents that you want to keep in a secure place.

Evernote Web Clipper
This add-on will help you to save links, pages or articles that you can view later but also on any device that supports this.

Everything is stored in labeled notebooks and you can add tags of your choice, which helps to keep everything organized.

Video DownloadHelper
If there is a video on a website such as YouTube or Facebook that you want to download, this amazing add-on will help you with this task.

When you see a video that you want to download, simply click on the specific icon in Firefox Quantum and your video will be downloaded.

Video DownloadHelper can also capture video directly from the screen, if the other options don’t work for the specific site.

This is one amazing add-on that changes the way you see websites in Firefox Quantum. You can use a number of options inside this tool and make every site to your liking. No need to know coding. If you do not like how a specific site looks this tool will help you customize its look just for you and your needs.

uBlock Origin
Everyone knows how ads, pop-ups and other stuff like that can be very annoying, when you browse your favorite websites. uBlock Origin offers a solution to all this. This is the best ad-blocker for Firefox Quantum. uBlock Origin is optimized to work with low memory so it doesn’t affect the performance of your PC.