The Latest Update on How to troubleshoot and Fix iOS 11 Problems

Nowadays, there are many iOS carriers, devices, and a variety of settings you may have ticked unknowingly when using your iOS device. To get your iPad or iPhone back to its better performance, you need to troubleshoot and fix the minor problems being caused by your iOS 11 settings.

Currently, iOS 11.2.5 is the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, though the plans of anticipating iOS 11.2.6 are already underway. Apparently, skipping 11.3 beta version is the perfect solution to solve most of the problems experienced when your iPad or iPhone.

Although iPhone 6 and 6S end-users have been filing most of the complaints, no mobile software is perfect. The problems can easily be solved by changing your current settings through troubleshooting.

The iOS problems and how to fix them

• Crashing and auto-restarting
If your iPhone has been crashing and restarting, consider disabling all your local notifications. Most of the end-users have been complaining that their devices have been crashing when trying to install the latest updates. Alternatively, try adjusting your device’s date to a time before 2nd December.

• Email and messaging apps crashing
Despite being the powerful tools in the market, iPad and iPhone devices with iOS 11 version have been disabling email and messaging apps without end-users consent. To fix this issue, upgrade to iOS 11.3 beta version.

• Customized camera settings changing to default
If your camera settings have been changing as soon as you close your camera app, worry no more. You can fix the problem by locking your device’s studio lighting effects, filters, and modes. Simply go to the “Preserved Settings” in the Camera menu to access the above features.

• Poor battery life
If you have not been playing with your gadget’s newly introduced features and your battery is draining first, you might want to disable the features. Open your iPhone settings and click on “Battery.” Check the apps that are draining your battery like crazy and disable them. You can enable them back after finding more iOS 11 user-friendly updates.

The iPhone and iPad are the best performing tools in the marketing industry. Other critical problems such as overheating and visual voicemail failing to work can easily be solved by troubleshooting your device.