Latest updates

AVG AntiVirus Free
AVG AntiVirus Free has quite a commendable package with its notable capabilities including a malware detection system that can sniff Trojan horses from wherever they’are hiding.

Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus helps you keep your PC, mobile and internet connection safe from any unwanted virus attacks.

Ace Utilities
Ace Utilities is a set of tools to optimize the operating system of your computer, and remove unwanted files and Internet records. Ace Utilities enables the user to find and remove invalid registry entries, history sites (Additional support for more than 100 external programs), as well as to manage browser cookies, and much more.

Slimjet is based on open source Chromium web browser and is free to download. It provides you with a great internet experience by blocking ads and increasing the download and upload speed. You can now visit every available website without worrying about getting tracked by websites.

Process Lasso
Process Lasso would be a great program featuring any of the many algorithms alone, but the combination of all makes this process priority optimizer the best of its kind. Every computer user can relate to the frustration of slow-running programs, crashes and freezing screens. The automatic and customizable functions of Process Lasso create a peaceful, yet powerful computing experience.

Wondershare PDFelement
Find the latest array of PDF solutions in the Wondershare PDFelement that does all that you ever wanted and then some! With state of the art editing, scanning and document creation tools, you are in complete control of your document. The ability to convert over 300 formats means the possibilities are limitless!

FreeCAD is a free software that can be used for the modeling and drawing of the objects. It is a very helpful tool especially for the Architects and Engineers who can draw the figures in digital form instead of using paper and large number of geometry equipment. It is a preferred tool for drawing the structure of various projects.

O&O Defrag
Has your PC been giving you severe headaches from constant waiting? If that is the case, O&O Defrag provides you with the ultimate solution to make your PC new again! With O&O Defrag your files are constantly monitored and defragmentation happens while you get your work done. It the all in one tool that you have been waiting for!

AnyDVD, developed by SlySoft, is a device driver for Microsoft Windows users. This program allows for the speedy decryption of DVDs, assisting in the removal of user operation prohibitions (UOPs), by targeting certain copy preventions encrypted on the disk and removing them to allow for the duplication of content.

SUPER 2018 is an audio and video converter for Windows platforms. The software can convert audio and video files from any extension and virtually from all formats used today for these media. With it, you can change several options when you do the conversion, like Quadi per second rate, sound channels and much more.