Uber App

Uber App

The Uber is one of the best applications for traveling without a car. It’s simple and effective.

Software details

Android / iphone
Uber App
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Software description

It allows for you to pay ahead of time for your ride, and it also allows you to be able to tell exactly what car to look for that’s going to pick you up at your pickup destination. It also tells you the driver’s rating and what the driver looks like.

I found it easy to use and very helpful when trying to find out what type of car is on it’s way to pick me up. I could easily track where the pickup car was coming from and I was also able to tell exactly how far away it was from picking me up. When using the Uber App I could finish up what I was doing at home and also keep track of about how much time I had left before the car would arrive to come and get me.

Overall the Uber application was effective and reliable and it did everything I needed it to do. I found it to have everything I needed and nothing I didn’t need. I think it’s a great application for ride pickups.