Total Defense Anti-Virus

Total Defense Anti-Virus

Total Defense Anti-virus is a comprehensive solution with an integrated anti-virus and spyware, protecting your computer from worms, Trojans, and other malware. This anti-virus, is also configured to clean already infected machine.

Software details

Windows 10
Total Defense Anti-Virus
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Software description

The interface is pretty nice and very easy to handle so that it can offer a good experience for its users, improving the interaction in terms of usability. The program offers two different types of scan options. They are Quick Scan and Custom Scan. Full scan can take a while, but this is not because of the tons of data stored on hard disks, but because the application scans deeply every single file on the computer.
When you configure the options, you can choose the types of infected files and also the schedule to update signatures. In addition to this, the software knows exactly what to do and does not require any further user interaction. All in all, the application remains a good choice for those who need added security against viruses, spyware and root-kits.
The features of the software:
The Total Defense Anti-virus is an integrated solution that features advanced anti-virus and anti-spy-ware to protect your computer from different types of malicious attacks.

Cloud scanning

The program displays improved malware detection using cloud scanning. This type of scanning provides a high level of security, allowing you to compare files with a list of trusted files on the Internet.

Schedule scanning

Automatic scheduled scanning helps you quarantine infected files before they can get on the computer.

Anti-virus and anti-spy-ware protection

The program has the potential to prevent attacks from viruses, spyware, worms, root-kits, rogue anti-virus and Trojans while defending against current and emerging threats.