O&O SafeErase

O&O SafeErase

Sleep peacefully at night after erasing your data with O&O SafeErase, the ultimate solution for ensuring thorough cleansing of all your drives. Whether it is a photo album of your family or gigabytes worth of company data, O&O SafeErase will ensure they are erased beyond the power of the toughest recovery tools out there!

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
O&O SafeErase
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Software description

Data security is probably the biggest concern for everyone in the current age of universal digital connectivity. With every type of information, both public and private being stored either online or on portable drives, the fear of data theft is bigger than it has ever been! Wanting to delete your data always leaves you with a lingering thought as to whether or not your drives have been properly erased. This fear needs to be addressed in a surefire way and O&O SafeErase provides exactly that peace of mind. The comprehensive set of features it offers make sure all your bases are thoroughly covered. Once the software is installed, you get access to several options that range from the minutest deletion tasks to complete data purge.

Six methods of file deletion

The software comes with predesigned modules that provide you with different paths for deleting data, as per your specific needs. Whether you want to erase specific, files, create additional space on your drive, delete entire partitions or perhaps clean your whole system, you can do it with a single click. The software allows you to take your own route in terms of the methodology you utilize to erase your data. Three different methods are provided which include US DoD, German BSI and also the famous Gutmann method which is based on a highly complex mathematical algorithm.

SSD cleaning with SolidErase

The software comes equipped with a separate deletion tool that is designed specifically to handle SSD data. The method implemented in this tool ensures that the data present on the SSD is cleaned just as thoroughly as the regular clean up. However, it takes a cautious approach in terms of resource utilization and focuses on minimizing the level of strain on your SSD.

Internet Security

In addition to secure cleaning of your drives and data storage, O&O SafeErase comes with the ability to do a thorough search of any and all internet files present on your system. Whether it is site cookies, temp files or any other source of data that can expose your personal details, the application sweeps them all out and gives you the option to delete them completely. The peace of mind from this feature alone is priceless for most users!

What’s on offer?

O&O SafeErase provides a whole range of options to its users that provide them with absolute control over their data. Some noteworthy features provided include:

  • Removal of data from all sorts of storage mediums such as flash drives, memory cards and the files and folders on your computer.
  • Instant Erase function allowing you to delete files immediately
  • Complete system purge without the need of boot access
  • Deletion of data through six different ways
  • Detailed deletion reports to keep you informed of every data erasure
  • Proof provided for every deletion cycle with analysis tool that
  • Removal of all internet activity and files
  • SolidErase feature for purging of data on SSD