Netflix App is an Android application where you can access various movies, tv series in your favourite device. Netflix App can be installed across multiple devices like; smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Software details

6.26.1 build 15 31696
Android / iphone
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Software description

For you to access thousands of movies in your mobile device, you need to get a free app as part of your membership to Netflix. To start watching the film, you need to sign up for membership and enjoy unlimited movies. Apart from free membership, one will become a member by paying some small amount of cash through PayPal after the free trial which goes for one month after signing up.

how Netflix works
Netflix gives its members access to countless movies and tv series episodes for a low price; renewed monthly. You can watch videos from Netflix App anytime and anywhere you feel like.
Movies and Tv series are updated regularly to keep member updated in case of new film or series being released.