Movie Label

Movie Label

Movie Label is one of the best Windows utility that can be used to make catalogs of movies. Traditionally, it is the duty of the user to create tags and labels for each video file. However, once the program is installed, it will automatically contact the online database and download the available information such as details about the short film content, the format and duration.

Software details

2019 14.0.5
Windows 10
Movie Label
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Software description

Movie Label has additional features that help you download movies from their online database. This includes links to trailers and DVD covers. Besides these outstanding qualities, the program also features an extensive search functionality, data storage facilities, print reports and export it to different formats such as excel, XML and text. Movie Label supports not only DVD movies, but also on Blu-ray and HD DVD. Another great feature of the program is to create multiple independent collections.


  • The program supports video, Laser Disc, VHS, DVD and other media
  • Automatically fill in tag base
  • Ability to sort and search
  • Generate publication and reports in an easy form
  • High work speed
  • Preview
  • Excellent quality results
  • Nice and easy to use interface

Movie Label offers you a simple way to manage all your videos with detail information. They find this information directly from their database. It is also possible to download videos from the base. You can not only list your videos, but also manage rentals, export your collection to different formats, generate reports and statistics, and much more. It has a simple user interface to access different functions and customization options.