Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft provides with SharePoint a multi-functional platform for every corporation or group. From intelligent intranet use which is a core element of the app, shared file management to modern social interaction the app ensures improvement for collaborative and fast teamwork.

Software details

Windows 10
Microsoft SharePoint
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Software description

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that offers a wide range of possibilities for organizations to collaborate with their employees and provides a high degree of user-friendliness due to it’s well-known and simple Microsoft design.

Additional features and functions like collecting documents, finding efficient resources and customizing a dynamic website are possible. Websites can be personalized with libraries, wikis, discussion forums and various lists that are accessible by adjusting permissions to team members and employees. Every user has the option to store personal media, information, documents, manage a calendar or mailbox and even a personal blog is genera table. Filing documents, media, presentations or spreadsheets of any kind can be done quickly and used with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Programs. The easy and fast option to collect and manage data improves working productivity and offers a great amount of accessibility.

For a flexible and modern company management, SharePoint is the ideal software to automate routine tasks, customized search functions, manage projects and content or coordinating announcements and task lists. It’s possible to store, structure, share and access from almost any device and explorer. SharePoint guarantees safe and full browser support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and is also available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. With the possibility to use SharePoint everywhere productivity stays efficient and consistent.

Freely customizable logo designs and colors are another feature for every company that likes to maintain individual and recognizable to their clients and customers.

Sending invitations, important protocols about the latest meeting help to increase team strength and the chance for a balanced workflows coordination. Using SharePoint is the most innovative and professional way to share information and data as well as to collaborate and inform employees.

The intelligent, company-wide search function reduces the search time to a minimum and offers exact and relevant results. Frequently visited websites, recently accessed or edited files will be easier to find and can be bookmarked for the team. Automatic text completion and intelligent search provide a less time-consuming way to find websites, files or contacts.

Telephone numbers, email addresses and other necessary contact details transfer seamless to SharePoint and give admins the chance to stay connected with employees. Contact details are easily maintained, stay up to date and improve networking and collaboration among staff members with a wide range of other social business functions. With a way to build and maintain a productive network, use an intelligent file server and utilize the intranet efficiently, emails and the use of physical documents reduce as a benefit for the environment.

Thanks to the mobility and usability of SharePoint, users are able to work even over the widest distance on the same project which is crucial for modern organizations with multiple locations and home office employees.