Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps uses information about previously done searches and localization information, in order to provide personalized information about places. While using Google Maps, you can find information, about the places, provided by other uses such as pictures or reviews. This way you can know better the place beforehand. There is also information provided by partners, who have actually payed, to add that information.

Software details

Android / iphone
Google Maps
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Software description

In the end you can, first of all, contribute, so that Google Maps is better and useful for everyone, if you know a placce really well you can be part of local guides, you will be rewarded. Help creating Street View by sharing pictures about places in 360º. If you have a business you can sign into Street View Pro and push your business by providing a virtual tour of the place. Finally, you can help by integrating the interior distribution map to Google Maps.


With Google Maps you can:

  • Have access to featured information about certain places
  • Travel comfortably
  • You will be able to avoid traffic congestion as you will have access to real time traffic information and Google Maps can help you find the best route to your destination.
  • With the turn-by-turn navigation and lane information you will know the most convenient path all the time.
  • Google Maps dinamically recalculates the route according to estimated traffic patterns. This will help you avoid traffic congestion.
  • Discover new places
  • Check other people’s reviews. If you can’t decide whether to go one place or another, you have access to client’s reviews and pictures for it to be easier to make up your mind. You can also leave reviews and share information that can help other people, as well as you favorite places and be part of local guides. You can even make a reservation in certain places with Google Maps.
  • Take a look to a building’s interior. Before arriving to a certain places you can take a look at it with the interior map and combine it with Street View.
  • Check your world in different perspectives
  • Look at the stars. You will be able to check the star’s position and information.
  • Visit any place in the world. By using satellite view technology and Street View you can discover new places or revisit others.
  • Combined with Art Project, you can enjoy some of the most emblematic buildings, monuments and pieces of art. You can even get inside some of the buildings.
  • Have personalized information and simplify the use by entering you google account
  • You can share your knowledge about a place and create a personalized map to provide more details about you favorite places.It doesn’t matter if the place is nearby or not.
  • Save your common adresses so that you can make faster searches by easily selecting them. You can also allow access to contact’s information to have easier access to other saved addresses.
  • Leave reviews. You should share your experience but not just if it’s good, also if it has been bad. Take you own pictures too and control you activity.