WordPress is a blogging software through which dynamic websites can be created for different purposes. The users can avail the opportunity in the form of WordPress.com where the developed websites can be hosted. By using its various features, the developers can easily customize the website functions and look according to their needs and can control the activities more efficiently.

Software details

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Software description

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WordPress is the most common platform around the world that is being used for blogs and websites. The reason behind its increasing popularity is its feasibility and the capability of handling and hosting any content, dynamic Ecommerce sites, event calendars and audio or video broadcasting support. WordPress strictly follows the web standards and provides a lot of features to satisfy the user requirements. The online account enables you to develop responsive websites that look good on every device. By using PHP language and MySQL database, the features can be controlled at the back end.


The theme of the website defines the frontend of website i.e. the User Interface. You can either choose from the existing themes or upload your own Themes from other sources. The custom themes can be developed by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP. The features and GUI of the site depends upon the chosen theme, therefore one has to be careful while taking a decision. WordPress offers a lot of free themes, whereas many paid themes are also present that are called Premium. Further categorization of Featured, Popular, Latest and Commercial Themes allows users to search for suitable options easily.


Plugins enable the users to add new functionalities to the already existing features of their websites and blogs. These are very helpful when developers want to customize the websites according to the requirement of their customers or to make them more user friendly according to the modern methods. The plugins can be chosen from the various available options while custom created ones can be uploaded for hosting. With the help of these plugins, the developers can customize their website for search engine optimization and can create online Ecommerce Stores, personal portfolios and organizational websites.

Other Features:

WordPress helps you manage your website content and different activities. WordPress is a free system that provides automatic formatting for articles and posts and thus maintains standards. You can easily add posts containing text, images, videos or audio and can personalize the websites by adding custom options in menus. The Stats option allows you to view the visual statistics about activities and number of visitors for every day, week, month or year.