Vivaldi is a flexible web browser that fulfills user needs with a large variety of functions. Almost every aspect of the application can be customized as per preferences. The browsing experience is made quicker with fast access to favorite pages and a specialized button for returning to home screen.

Software details

2.6 Build 1566.40
Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Vivaldi 2 is a unique web browser based on Blink layout engine. It is a fresh product developed by Vivaldi Technologies and was recently launched in April 2016. It is a free tool with most of its components being open source. The owners of this organization are former employees of Opera Software and had left the company due to closure of certain facilities. In order to facilitate the users with more comfortable web browser, this software was released. It has gained a huge fan base immediately and more than a million users are currently using it. It is an easy to use application with customizable layout.

Vivaldi is a customizable web browser. It allows you to change its interface settings when software runs for the first time or via Settings. You can modify appearance by selecting background color and specifying options for browser window. There are many built-in themes available. You can choose a single scheme or schedule multiple themes to change regularly. You can select background color and image for Start and Speed Dial Pages. For new tabs, not only you can manage their position but can also select advanced options for tab cycling, stacking and selection.

Quick Browsing:
Vivaldi is a fast speed web browser that enables users to quickly access desired webpages by adding them to Speed Dial list. By default, Speed dial is set as the Start Page and opens up on running the browser. The users can add all those websites to this list that are visited most often and can modify the list whenever they want. Bookmark is a similar function that manages the favorite web pages of users. It maintains the information in folders and required webpages can be found under appropriate category. Users can add new folders, add or delete entries and import bookmarks and settings from other browsers.

Note Taking:
While browsing internet, the users may come across important information that they want to note down. However, opening another application for this purpose feels like a lengthy task. Vivaldi comes with a useful notes taking function with which you can note points and can save them in folders directly through side panel. Whether you wish to enter text, capture screenshot, add capture of particular area or attach another file, everything is now possible with this amazing browser.

Other Features:
The major feature of browser is efficient tab handling. While surfing internet via multiple tabs, you can group down related tabs under a single stack in order to make access easier. Sessions are maintained to make sure the users can restore webpages that were closed by mistake. Keyboard shortcut keys are available for various functions to make work easier for users. Furthermore, users can choose search engines, enhance security and enable proxy servers.