Total Commander

Total Commander

Total Commander is a customizable tool that provides you simple options for managing your files and folders and to form different connections for file sharing. It is usually handled with keyboard shortcut keys therefore advanced users find it a better option as compared to default Windows Explorer.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
Total Commander
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Software description

Total Commander is the popular shareware file management alternative to Windows Explorer. The program helps you copy, move and even erase files from one folder to another. Total Commander claims to have more capabilities than traditional Windows Explorer such as compare files in each folder by content, access FTP servers and zip and unzip files and many more.


The outstanding features

Total Commander is the best available Windows Explorer replacement program.  The software provides faster file loading facility and more professional mode to look at your computer. There are several built-in plug-ins that are available to improve overall performance of the software.

Total Commander is entirely a portable software. This makes it easy to save any files or settings in an INI mode and carry it using any portable flash disk. It is easy to make your own keyboard shortcuts and make a custom configuration of different computers.

Tabbed interface is one of the outstanding features of this program. This feature comes in handy if you have to manage two folders. For instance, if you want to copy a file from a folder and transfer it to another, then this feature comes with multipurpose abilities.  Other additional features include:

  1. Easy to copy file path and name
  2. Integrated FTP client is available
  • Horizontal layout is better while working with long file names
  1. Easy to configure color scheme

Help and support

Total Commander Help and Support are available in different forms. E-mail support is available in different languages like English, Italian, German and French. Tutorials for beginners and advanced users are available directly from the website.