Opera 63

Opera 63

Opera remains one highly underrated web browser for the quality it has to offer. Given the fact that it is capable of performing every single task which its rivals can and comes with a handy set of features, it makes it to our list of the best web browsers. Opera has a small customer base, but it is one quality browser, it is flexible, convenient and secure. Opera comes with built-in ad-blockers which maximize computer security against broken web links and adware. Opera maintains high internet security by directing traffic to secure sites only.

Software details

63.0.3367.0 Developer Edition
Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Opera browser came nearly twenty years ago, but still it is being used on several desktop, laptop and smart devices. It is nearly compatible with every other device and platform and is based on the Google Chromium system. Its security options and additional features are very impressive.  It has landed in the category of the most reliable and fast internet browsers. We hope that this review will help, you in knowing more about Opera.


There are several internet browsers that claim to be the fastest ones available.  Manufacturers of Opera have worked hard to make a light, fast yet solid browser. For an average website Opera takes nearly 2 seconds to open. With several test runs, you can chalk out the accurate starting time. One of the best things that you will find in this browser is that it is not difficult to operate at all. The latest version boasts a light design, refined and clean user interface and some reliable security features. It’s not some difficult browser that you cannot understand. But it might take some time to fully understand Opera browser and enjoy its advantages.


Opera is known for introducing built-in search and tabbed browsing, which was later used by many other developers. These are the original or you can say unique browsing features that have become a standard element of the famous browsers. Opera browser features tab stacks, bookmarking through a single click and an integrated mail client. You can control the browser easily with the help of a keyboard. There is an option for voice search over the browser and not only that, you can also get the browser to read the desired text to you. Isn’t it totally interesting? There is no need to type, just give a voice command and you get the option to hear the results. It also supports mouse movements that are just like the keyboard shortcuts, but executed with a mouse. These are the few unique features that make Opera and easy to understand and use browser.  The only feature that is missing is the parental control, which is not a necessity but, its inclusion could have made Opera browser a favorite option for various families.


There is a complex security system that checks all the websites for phishing and malware schemes. Opera also makes use of the advanced encryption through which, you can get rid of cookies and browsing history. This option is goof if, you share the browser with someone else.


There are a few compatibility issues, but with the passage of time most of them will fade away. Websites developers are paying heed towards getting across as many platforms as possible. It is important to stay in the competition and deliver the best. You will be amazed with a fact that Opera manufacturers don’t have a strong backing like other top internet browser companies have. Still it has