Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

One of the most widely used software packages out there is Microsoft Office, also referred to as MS Office. The goal of its design is to be a complete solution to all your office needs, as it strives to replicate all the functions of an average office setting on a computer, which is why it was named so. It’s been around for an incredibly long time, as far as computer software today goes, and that is a result of the vision and competence of its creator, Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

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Microsoft Office
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Software description

The Microsoft Office is also known as Office. This family of server and client software’s offers a variety of services. Developed by Microsoft, it was announced for the first time by Bill Gates back in August 1988. The very first version of the Microsoft Office included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. The initial release of the Office was 29 years ago, on November 19, 1990. It is available in 102 languages, written in C++ and the latest desktop version of it is called “Office 2019”, released in September 2018.

The Microsoft Office is available for both macOS and Windows. Here is a list of the desktop applications:

Microsoft Word is a word processor (a device used for input, formatting or editing of text). The very first version of Microsoft Word was released in 1983

Microsoft PowerPoint can be used for creating presentations with slideshows. The slideshows can contain different elements. Such as graphics, audio, text or other objects that can be displayed on the screen. They can even be printed out on either slides or transparencies.

Microsoft Excel is an editor mainly used for a spreadsheet. That program initially competed with the Lotus 1-2-3 program and was able to outsell it. The very first version was released in 1985 for Mac OS, followed by the first version for Microsoft in 1987.

Microsoft Outlook is the perfect replacement for Microsoft Mail, Schedule+ and Windows Messaging. The app is an information manager that includes an address book, calendar, e-mail client, and task manager. It is another one of the early developed apps from the Microsoft Office.

• Microsoft Publisher is used for designing calendars, brochures, calendars, labels, web site, postcards, newsletters, business and greeting cards. This desktop publisher is very similar to Microsoft Word in design and tools.

• Microsoft Access is a management system that combines a database engine (Microsoft Jet) with development tools and a graphical interface.

Microsoft OneNote is a program used for note-taking. It’s made of audio commentaries, drawings, typed notes, and screen clippings.

Microsoft Project is used for project management, especially for keeping track of events and creating networks and Gantt charts.

Microsoft Visio is a flowcharting app and diagram used for Windows. It is not bundled in any of the Office suites.

Microsoft Teams is a platform conning attachments, meetings, notes, and workplace chat.

Skype for Business is a communications client used mainly for meetings and conferences in real-time. It is the only app that doesn’t have “Microsoft” in its name, and the only app that doesn’t work without a reliable network connection.

Besides the above-mentioned applications for desktop, there are other applications offered by Microsoft Office. Office Lens and Office Remote are some of the mobile apps, while Microsoft Sharepoint is one of the most used server applications. The Microsoft Office bundle is one of the many used softwares ever developed. In fact, a report by Softpedia in July 2012 revealed that it is used by more than a billion people from all over the world.