IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is one of the best software uninstallers. It helps you get rid of unwanted programs and browser toolbars and plug-ins. It quickly removes the leftover components of uninstalled programs and frees the occupied memory space. It supports batch operations for added convenience. It also notifies you about available updates for different programs. It’s a free utility and IObit Inc. launched this software to facilitate the Windows users. The installation of this software is quite easy and you can uninstall it from within the software interface. It’s a light-weight utility that doesn’t slow down your PC.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
IObit Uninstaller
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Software description

When you find a useful application, you may install it on your PC to enjoy its benefits. But when you uninstall it via the Control Panel, it may leave behind junk files that don’t serve any purpose. Aside from efficiently uninstalling computer programs, IObit Uninstaller helps you remove the useless leftover files.

Uninstall Programs

IObit Uninstaller displays a list of all programs currently installed on your system along with the necessary information. You can select the unwanted applications and uninstall them. It automatically clears residual files from the hard disk.

Certain programs come equipped with free programs that occupy the memory space. It detects and quickly uninstalls them with your approval. You can view recently installed applications, large programs, and infrequently used tools and remove them. It creates a restore point before the uninstallation process.

Remove Toolbars & Plug-Ins

Browser toolbars and plug-ins provide additional functionalities and improve your online experience. However, not all such tools are safe as they may contain malicious content.

IObit Uninstaller supports almost all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It shows user ratings of the active toolbars and plug-ins and facilitates you to get rid of them with just a single mouse-click.

Monitor Apps

Installing too many applications on your system can negatively affect its speed and performance. It helps you monitor the applications you installed via Microsoft Store as well as third-party apps. It gives you the option to uninstall the unwanted apps and boosts your PC.

Cleanup Residual Files

When you install any program, shortcuts are created in the start menu or desktop. Not only do they negatively influence the system performance, but also make it difficult for you to locate the required data or programs.

IObit Uninstaller contains a built-in Cleanup Residual utility. It removes invalid shortcuts and cleans the cache generated during the installation of patches. It also scans the default download folder of browsers and download tools and deletes useless files with your permission.


IObit Uninstaller provides you with a myriad of options. Through its settings menu, you can modify its interface and choose the update method. You can access the user manual, look for updates, contact the technical support team and view the uninstall history.

IObit Uninstaller is an efficient utility that specializes in uninstalling applications and removing their residual files. It’s a free program that speeds up your PC so that your system can efficiently perform more important tasks.