Glary Utilities PRO

Glary Utilities PRO

Glary Utilities has everything you need to maintain the performance of your PC. It is a free utility that helps you get rid of junk data, fix registry errors, remove temporary files, and manage running processes. It’s a powerful tool that is suitable for users of all experience levels. You can quickly download and install it on your PC to monitor and boost your system’s performance. It possesses an intuitive user interface, which is why you can quickly learn to make the most of its functionalities. The software can be customized to fit your needs.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Glary Utilities PRO
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Software description

Glary Utilities PRO is your one-stop solution for system maintenance. It keeps you updated on your PC’s current performance and allows you to enhance it with just a few mouse clicks. It is a free solution that works in the background so you can continue working on more important tasks.

System Overview

This software informs you about system performance. It allows you to update the software as well as assists you in reducing Windows boot time. Furthermore, you can enable automatic maintenance, erase privacy tracks, check for program updates, and turn on deep clean function.

1-Click Maintenance

Glary Utilities is the top choice of many users since it’s extremely easy to use. It runs a comprehensive scan to identify the problem areas and addresses them with your approval. It helps you clean registry, repair disk, fix invalid shortcuts, eliminate spyware, erase trackers, remove temporary files, and manage startup tasks.

Clean Up and Repair

This application contains a myriad of advanced tools.

  • allows you to free disk space by removing unwanted junk.
  • cleans up the registry to enhance system performance.
  • also capable of removing invalid shortcuts, duplicate files, and empty folders.

If there are any programs installed on your PC that you don’t want anymore, then Glary Utilities can make your work easier. It can uninstall multiple programs in no time and gets rid of residual files to free space.

System Optimizer

With this tool, you can manage programs that automatically run on the startup to decrease Windows boot time. It frees background memory, defragments hard disk, and defragments Windows registry to speed up your PC. It can also repair disk problems and update system drivers.

Maintain Privacy

Glary Utilities helps you keep unauthorized users at bay. It comes equipped with the following tools:

  • Tracks Eraser – It erases traces of your activities including cookies and internet history
  • File Shredder – It permanently deletes files to maintain your privacy
  • File Undelete – It recovers files that were accidentally deleted
  • File Encrypter – It encrypts data files for added safety
  • Browser Assistant – It manages browser add-ons and restores settings
  • Process Manager – It allows you to manage or stop running processes

Glary Utilities is the ultimate solution to speed up your system. It assists you in monitoring the activities, applications or processes and take appropriate actions. It frees up hard disk space from unwanted data and improves the overall performance of your PC.