Dropbox is an online platform where you can store data files and folders. You can share data with your friends and access it from anywhere by entering your username and password. Once you store data in Dropbox folder, its content is synchronized to servers as well as other devices where you have installed it. It offers 2GB free memory space, but you can get additional cloud space by purchasing its paid license. It’s a user-friendly tool that is compatible with multiple operating systems. Launched by Dropbox Inc. in 2007, this platform is the top choice of many users.

Software details

88.4.172 Stable
Android / Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms and possibly second in ranking in terms of users after Google drive. The software is designed to accommodate small storage facility for both individual personal document and bulk data that which institutions and businesses can use. Other than storing data users can be able to share data from one individual to another safely and securely without interfering with the files. Dropbox is safe and secure to store data and available anytime you need it which means you can never lose your data even when you have lost a device.


Access Files from any Device

Dropbox allows users to log in from different devices and access files anytime. Say, for instance, you have uploaded a photo from a smartphone, you can edit it, share it or download the photo from your computer. Dropbox can sync to two or more device, even a smartphone and a computer giving you the power to edit and make any form of change from any device.

Security and privacy

Dropbox is popular for so many reasons but security and privacy is one of the major reasons. When it comes to securing your data, Dropbox has been encrypted with a 256-bit AES. This is by far a very high level of encryption. When sharing files with other individuals, you can set an expiry date for the file sent after which they will not be able to view the file. Those viewing the file cannot by any chance access your account due to the high level of encryption.

Automatic updates organization and back-up

Dropbox has been made to automatically do several things on its own to make the experience better. It can backup file own it’s own provided your device is connected to a working internet and arrange them on its own. Whenever you have you update any file on one device you don’t have to update on your other devices as Dropbox updates them automatically. even with all this, you can backup data on your own any time you want.

Upload different forms and formats of files

There are no limitations to the kind of files you upload on Dropbox. You can upload files such as photos, videos, documents, audios and so much more in any format. So long as the storage limitation is not exceeded you can upload any number of files you want. You can also upload small files and reasonably huge files without any problems.

With the Dropbox, it’s not just about storing data in the cloud, but also the fact that you can share files with others without compromising your account. Dropbox is available for smartphones, computer, and on the web. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. Whenever you lose a device you are only required to log back in and all your backed up data on Dropbox will securely be available to access. The basic package that gives a limited storage space is free but for more storage, you are required to purchase a package. Packages are in different storage size such as 200GB or 6TB depending on your needs.