Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a complete browser that can make your internet journey very much fascinating. The browsing is kept private and all the search results and downloads are checked to ensure their security. It is Chromium based browser with interface and options similar to Chrome. It is very easy to use and provides you with lots of features.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
Comodo Dragon
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Software description

Comodo Dragon 2019 is a free Chromium based web browser that is known for its fast speed and protection against internet threats. Comodo Group had launched the browser for facilitating users with an interface similar to Google Chrome but with better privacy feature. Is now capable of performing the operations more efficiently in a shorter amount of time. It has a very user friendly interface and can work in the presence of Windows Firewall and many other browsers.


The Installation Wizard is here to keep your work easier and perform the installation of the browser by selecting only a few options. You just need to agree to its license agreement terms and choose the location for installation. The browser also lets you import components from your default browser and make it default browser while it is being installed. It also enables you to choose whether you want to use its DNS Server with only this browser or with all applications. With that it will be installed and ready to run.

Unique Options:

Comodo Dragon enables you to share its benefits with your friends on social networking sites of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a single click with its share page option. Its Media Grabber tool is capable of directly downloading your favorite content without the help of any external downloader. The Web Inspector feature checks the reliability and safety of the website that you are visiting. It depicts the presence of malware, phishing and blacklisted items and shows general and security information.


Comodo Dragon lets you search over internet at a very fast speed and is a secure way for browsing.

  • It has a very user friendly Chrome like interface so the users do not find it difficult.
  • lets you import latest plugins and add-ons for adding variety of functions in your browser.
  • Comodo Dragon is an efficient browser that works on low memory resources and thus it does not crash or cause Windows to freeze.
  • very stable solution. You can log into your Google account and import all your saved settings.

Comodo Dragon checks the status for the authenticity and SSL certifications of websites that you have requested to visit and warns you in case of any potential hazards. It saves you from user tracking and bug reporting for better security. It has a built-in PDF viewer and Adobe Flash Player for enabling you to watch high graphical content.