BitTorrent is a communication protocol that helps you distribute data files via the internet. This application is the official client of BitTorrent protocol. You can easily share large files with your friends by establishing a peer-to-peer network. It establishes a secure connection to protect data from unauthorized access. It is a lightweight application, which is why you can use it on your PC without worrying about limited memory space. The software works with XP and all later versions of Windows OS. Moreover, it is a free tool and you need not pay subscription charges for using it.

Software details

7.10.5 Build 45312
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
4 (80%) 1 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

BitTorrent or BT is a client of the communication protocol of the same name. The software possesses a simple GUI so that users can easily transfer large files such as HD movies, music videos, documents, games and much more.

Download Content

With the help of BitTorrent, you can download the required content at fast speed. You can add a torrent from a file or enter its URL for downloading purpose. Its simple interface facilitates you to make the most of its powerful options.

BitTorrent Now is an online database where you can find music and movies. You can download them on your PC to enjoy later. You can download this content for free.

Downloads Information

BitTorrent updates you about the status of files you’re downloading. It lists down all files present in the package and shows individual download status.

Under the Info tab, you can get detailed information on files you are currently downloading. You can find out time elapsed, remaining time, and download speed via this menu.

While sharing files with other internet users, Peers tab can provide you with useful information. You can view IP address, client details, flags, current download speed, and upload speed of shared files.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds

Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary feeds provide you with updates of different sites. You can follow them via RSS feed and it’ll inform you whenever the managers added new information.

BitTorrent allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds. You can get notifications of the updates within BitTorrent interface.


BitTorrent is a completely free application and you need not pay any subscription charges. But if you want to enjoy additional benefits, you should purchase its ad-free version or opt for Pro version. Its paid version is free from ads, provides protection from malware, offers premium customer support, allows you to convert downloaded files to suitable formats, and stream downloaded torrents instantly.


Its Options menu allows you to customize its appearance as per your needs. You can enable or disable different tools such as the toolbar, status bar, and sidebar. With its auto shutdown option, you can specify that BitTorrent should close on its own when not in use.

BitTorrent is a useful application that simplifies the process of sharing content and downloading large data files. Its intuitive GUI and features make it the top choice of the internet users.