Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects is a Windows-based application that helps users add animations and motion graphics to images and videos. It’s commonly used in the post-production process of films and television shows. It’s an advanced tool. Therefore, it may take some time for you to get a grasp of its functions. You can visit the official website to learn its advanced functionalities through tutorials. It’s a paid and licensed tool, but you can use its trial version for free for a limited time. The software was initially developed by the Company of Science and Art. But Adobe acquired it in 1994.

Software details

2019 16.1
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe After Effects CC
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Software description

When watching TV shows and movies, you may have wondered how they add creative animations to the videos. Let us tell you how the creators add titles, intros, transitions, and graphics!

The most popular tool used for this purpose is Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

Add Transitions and Effects

You may want to combine multiple images to form a video. However, when the video moves from one image to another, the process may seem discontinuous. You can enhance its quality by adding transition effects with the help of Adobe After Effects.

If you’ve created a full-length movie, it’s important to add appropriate transition elements. This way, the movie will seem more interesting and real when it proceeds from one scene to another.


You can use this professional tool for animation purpose. The logo of your website or business may be attractive, but you can further improve its appearance with the help of animations. It can help you design a title for your upcoming movie that can effectively grab the attention of your target audience.

User Interface

Adobe After Effects is a comprehensive tool, but its user interface is quite complex. It’s because it contains a plethora of options that are suitable for experienced professionals. Whether you want to add animations, insert motion graphics or want to finalize your movie for publishing, this software is your go-to option.

Import Content

The software can manipulate videos as well as images. Adobe After Effects CC enables you to import content with a single mouse-click so that you can enhance its quality.

The software supports JPG, PNG, and other common image formats as well as allows you to add Photoshop images. You can later stylize these images to your liking.

Plug-Ins Support

No doubt, Adobe After Effects comes equipped with a myriad of functions, you can still enhance its functionalities with the help of plug-ins. It offers support for many plug-ins that can help you perform additional tasks with ease. All you need to do is to visit their official website after installing the application and it’ll allow you to download any plug-in that can work for you.

All in all, Adobe After Effects is a great tool for advanced graphic designers and movie makers. They can add animations and effects to images and videos. This will help you enhance the appeal of your website and make your movies even more interesting for your audience.