Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver is a user-friendly desktop application for designing and developing websites. You can code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other supported languages to build a website. You can also make the most of its drag and drop functions for this purpose. Macromedia launched this software in 1997. But Adobe Systems acquired it later. You can easily install it on your Windows PC with the help of its installation wizard. Its simple user interface allows you to use its functionalities conveniently. It’s a trialware that you can use for free for a limited time.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
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Software description

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 is the top choice of web designers and developers. It’s because this software has a simple and intuitive user interface. Moreover, you can easily build a website using its myriad of options and functions.

Quickly Build a Website

Designing and developing websites was never this easy. You can code in any scripting or programming language you’re comfortable with. Its auto-complete feature saves time and helps you get done with the coding job in no time. Adobe Dreamweaver automatically formats code to make it easier to understand.

Adobe Dreamweaver also offers support for drag and drop options. You can quickly add components and adjust their placement via a single mouse click. You can inspect your website to resolve any issues. Adobe Dreamweaver reduces the risk of errors and assists you in building a website your customers will love.

Customize User Interface

Adobe Dreamweaver provides users with multiple display windows. You can write code for your website using its Code tab. If you want to view the results along with coding, you should opt for its Split tab. Design tab only displays the end result and allows you to add components by dragging and dropping them at the desired position.

You can customize the appearance of the application via its View menu. You can decide which tabs and options should appear on the window as per your preference.

Manage Your Website

You need not worry about your website if you use Adobe Dreamweaver. Using its Site menu, you can create an attractive website as well as manage web pages effectively.

You can create a website and save it on your system for time being. You can define its version and choose a server where you intend to upload it. Advanced settings allow you to add templates, customize web fonts, and insert JQuery code for improved user experience.

Build Responsive Websites

A majority of people use their smartphones to access the internet. So, it’s extremely important you should build responsive websites that fit any screen.

Adobe Dreamweaver helps you create responsive websites with ease. You can define screen size when viewing the end product to ensure it can adapt to any screen and browser.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular application for building websites. This easy-to-use application facilitates both experienced and novice users to design and develop a website. You can build an attractive website for your business to increase your customer base and keep them engaged.