Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR

Adobe Air is a complete package that provides users with many tools that can help them in the development of advanced mobile and desktop software. For application development the users must also have SDK or other tools. Many popular games and apps have been developed already that have gone viral among the users. The developers have been working hard to keep this software updated and support applications for the latest technologies that are being introduced every now and then.

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Adobe AIR
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Software description

Adobe Air is a software and cross-operating program that allows developers to combine multiple programs to deploy applications on a variety of devices which includes Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones. Adobe Air apps would run on all types of platforms which includes Windows XP. Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac. Adobe Air allows developers to access the full functionality of Adobe Flash Player.

This allows software developers to construct applications outside of a web browser which behaves like a native application on supported systems.

  • includes file system integration, desktop integration among other features.
  • allows developers to transfer projects from older Flash programs to Adobe Air with little or no code changes.
  • enables developers to develop applications with rich design and functionalities.
  • supports declarative programming via FLEX.

Adobe Air is used for developing applications that can run on

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • OS X.
  • Mac OS.
  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • Blackberry.
  • Linux Operating Systems.

Adobe AIR is a very fast working software and loads graphics within no time. The reason behind its great performance is the Stage3D technology. Since Adobe AIR is a free software with many options, therefore, Adobe AIR is preferred by a lot of application developers. However, one drawback is that Adobe AIR is available in English language only.

System Requirements:
For developing desktop and mobile applications on your system, you must ensure that your device fulfills the basic requirements of Adobe Air. The processor should be of 2.33 GHz or more if it is x86 compatible. While in case of Intel Atom processor, it should be minimum 1.6 GHz. Adobe AIR can run on Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Classic versions. The capacity of RAM must be at least 512 MB. If you are going to use Air SDK development tool, then your system should be 64-bit.

Popular Apps:
A wide range of computer and mobile software/applications have been built using this amazing tool. The list includes eBay Desktop application, Pandora One Desktop, TweetDeck, Adobe Media Player and Machinarium. Due to its easy to use and user-friendly interface, and a large number of options, Adobe AIR has become a very common development tool.

Adobe Air now supports 3D graphics due to the newly added features. It can manage tabs/window, files, and console applications. Adobe AIR supports multithreading feature for ActionScript3 programs. Other documents or fragments can be added to the applications by using drag and drop option. You can use touchscreen options for mobile applications.