Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019

In a simple term Windows Server 2019 is the modern version of the server-based operating system developed by Microsoft. It is basically an operating system which is designed to provide optimized performance to the network clients connected to the particular server.

Software details

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Windows Server 2019
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Software description

As everybody has seen a lot of operating systems out there. Either its Windows from the Microsoft or MacOS from apple or Linux or Unix, everybody is familiar with these kinds of the operating systems. Besides the desktop operating system, there is also a server operating system that specifically runs on the server . The server operating system sounds almost unfamiliar to the majority of the people except for the tech geeks. If you search into google, you can find tons of server operating systems in the search result.

Windows Server 2019:

Just like the regular Windows 7 can perform different tasks like playing video, music, games, etc. on a desktop computer, Windows Server 2019 can perform the server-specific tasks that the regular desktop operating system cannot perform.

Server operating system is usually built in order to provide the clients connected to the server different kinds of services that a regular operating system cannot. The regular operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc. are designed only to handle simple operations. They are not meant for handling the server operations whereas Windows Server 2019 is designed to handle server operations by controlling tens of thousands of network clients at the same time.

With the estimated capacity of handling more than 10 thousand user account at the same time, it is arguably one of the most powerful server operating system out there. Big companies like Altair, Tencent games, Mosiac, RioTinto and many uses this operating system in their server to handle tens of thousands of users requests at the same time. For example, the email service provider uses this software in their server to receive, send, or exchange different kinds of emails between the network clients.

Generally, Windows Server 2019 is built in order to compete with Apache Web Server from Linux. Apache Web Server is an open-source web server which you can download and use it free on your web server. Whereas you have to spend around $300 to use the Windows Web Server without addons included. You have to spend extra money to buy additional add-ons for your server.

Features of Windows Server 2019:

Apart from the previous edition of Windows Servers, The new Windows Server 2019 released in October 2018 is packed with some stunning features like:
1. Windows Server 2019 gives users to get full access to the front-end administration of the GUI-Interface.

2. Windows Defender APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) protection is included in Windows Server 2019 to provide the extra layer of protection to the server.

3. Now you can even run Linux in Windows Server 2019 by using VM. It also supports the Linux-compatible subsystems providing an extra layer of reliability to the user.

4. Now you can even manage or control other Windows Server operating systems like Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Windows Admin Center of Windows Server 2019.

Final Verdict:

Both the Apache Web Server and Windows Web Server have certain caveats. Apache Web Server is a free open-source web server operating system but it is hard to use by the many people because it requires a certain set of training to operate. Whereas Windows Server requires a license to use but are easier to use. It’s all up to you to decide whether you wanna train yourself and use the free Apache Web Server operating system from Linux or spend $300 to use easier and reliable Web Server operating system from Microsoft.