Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

With the help of Microsoft Teams, it gives the power of collaboration to all members of the team and allows for a more well-rounded business culture where everyone feels a part of the process.

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One of the most pressing problems that businesses, large and small, deal with on a daily basis is communication. In our modern, on the go world, businesses of all sizes need to be able to communicate with all the team members, that is where Microsoft Teams comes in. Microsoft Teams is a business communication software that is included in the Microsoft Office suite of apps. The beautiful part of Microsoft Teams is the cloud syncing capabilities and cross-platform use. To understand the beauty of Microsoft Teams, let’s take a look at those two areas, and how important they are to your team of co-workers.

Cross-Platform use is essential in the modern business world, let’s say you run a business that has employees on the go at all times, while a few may be in the office, a handful may also be in the field at any given time. Instead of wasting time on a conference call or a team meeting back at the office, Microsoft Teams allows all members of the team to load the app, either on their cell phone or their laptop and utilize video or text messaging back and forth in a dedicated chat or video room for your business. This works on all devices that have Microsoft Office’s suite of apps and works just as well on laptops, desktops, and mobile.

Cloud Syncing is another great feature of Microsoft Teams, whenever a file is added to the team’s app, it is now in the cloud, which means that all members of the team have access to that file. Think of the possibilities in a business that uses invoices, your employees in the field, at the office, wherever, have access to the invoice and can make a sale or fill out an invoice in the palm of their hand. If you need to give a client a piece of information or a flyer, simply bring up the attached file in Microsoft Teams and there it is!

One of the coolest features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to use the other Microsoft Office suite of apps inside of the Microsoft Teams workplace. For example, if there is an upcoming presentation with a client, and everyone has gone home for the day. Tomorrow is the big meeting with the client, but somebody has noticed a problem with the Word Document to be handed out or the PowerPoint presentation, the entire team can be messaged and told about the issue.

The PowerPoint can then be loaded into the Microsoft Teams workplace and everyone can look over the presentation, make suggestions, corrections, or whatever else may need to be addressed before the big presentation. A powerhouse of a tool, Microsoft Teams can help all businesses both small and large, be more productive and cut down on all of the lost time in long planning meetings and late nights at the office.