Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

We use a web browser to surf the internet in our daily life. Surfing web wouldn’t be possible without a web browser. Therefore, the web browser has become one of the most important things to browse the internet.

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Microsoft Edge
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Software description

Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is a web browser that was released 4 years ago at the end of July 2015. Initially, it was released for Xbox One and Windows 10, then iOS and Android in 2017, and macOS in 2019. Edge doesn’t support legacy BHO and ActiveX technologies, unlike the Internet Explorer. Instead, it includes extensions from Microsoft Store and integration with Cortana. By default, Microsoft Edge is a web browser for the Xbox One consoles, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile. Throughout the past few years, there have been many browser extensions that were added in the browser. Although the latest version of it (Internet Explorer 11) is more popular than any of Edge’s versions.

As of August 2019, Edge was able to overtake Internet Explorer’s market share on PC. The browser’s market shares vary by region. Among some of the engines that the browsers support are EdgeHTML, Blink, and WebKit. The EdgeHTML was originally developed for the browser. It’s written in the C++ language. Other features that the browser has are the HTML5 standards. Microsoft Edge is built to be compatible with the modern web.

The Microsoft Edge browser offers a wide variety of features. Here are some of them:

• It’s as fast as Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge was designed from scratch and not by an upgraded version of Internet Explorer. Thanks to that, the company was able to add a lot of helpful features that the internet users rely on such as interactions, apps, and many types of content. Besides being a lot leaner than the Internet Explorer, Edge has a high performance that is often compared to Google Chrome and Firefox Quantum.

• Perfectly integrated with the Windows 10

Microsoft Edge works best in Windows 10. If, for example, you are trying to search something on the web by using Cortana, the results will automatically show in Edge, even if you have another browser set as default. Besides Windows 10, the browsers integrate very neatly with other Microsoft products such as the Windows defender used as an antivirus tool. If you are a Windows user, then use Edge for quick and efficient work.

• Offers many touchscreen gestures

When it was created, the browser was integrated with a more intuitive touchscreen that is very competitive against its rivals. Microsoft designed Windows 10 mainly as an operating system to desktops, tablets, and laptops, which is one of the reasons why the touchscreen gestures are so quick. If you are using it in a tablet mode, you will notice that it’s clear and it has menus and chunky buttons. It also offers a variety of touchscreen shortcuts (go back to a previous page, show recently visited websites, and etc).

• Available for smartphones

Microsoft Edge is able to sync all of the desktop passwords, bookmarks, and settings to your smartphone. Besides syncing settings between your two devices, you can also sync the reading list from your phone to your laptop if you are trying to read something and prefer a larger screen.