MEmu is an Android emulator software which basically helps you to run the Android features like apps, games, message, etc. from the PC. It is free software, so you can easily download it from here.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

Mobile gaming has been gaining quite a hype these days. Android and iOS has been playing a vital role in the mobile gaming sector. Nowadays, mobile gaming is getting more and more important than console and PC gaming. It is estimated that there are more than 2.5 billion Android phones and 1.4 billion iPhones are out there in the world.

As the price of Smartphones is increasing every year, it is also getting more and more powerful every year. Some smartphones can even compete with the high-end computer in the performance, which allows users to run heavy games without any issue or compromisation in the performance.

As thousands of games and apps are developed for the mobile platform. It seems pretty impossible to play those games on both PC and consoles. Therefore to counter this problem Android emulator was developed. Android emulator is just a software which enables users to enjoy all the features that they will get from the actual Android phone.

# MEmu:

There are many other Android emulators out there on the internet. Some of the most popular examples of Android emulator are BlueStacks, MEmu, and NoxPlayer.

When it comes to running apps or playing games or using any features of actual Android phones, then these three Android emulators are one of the best in the market. But preferred and used by the majority of the users worldwide, MEmu Android emulator takes a lead by outperforming both Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Downloaded by the millions of people around the world, MEmu provides the ability to run the virtual Android on the PC. By simply installing this software you can easily run all the application, games and other feature of Android phone easily.

# Features of MEmu:

Unlike other Android emulators out there, MEmu is compact, faster and smoother than them. In just a size of around 300 MB, this emulator definitely kills the other Android emulator like Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. Some of the best features of MEmu Android emulator are given below:

1. It is a light-weight, you can easily run this software on most of the PCs out there.
2. Even though it is light-weight, it is also buttery smooth and fast at the same time.
3. You can run any Android games or apps in this emulator.
4. You can easily change the mobile brand in this emulator that other emulator out there lacks.
5. It has in-built FPS meter which you can use to measure the frame rate of your games without having to install third-party software.
6. It comes with the Turbo Boost technology to provide super smooth game experience to the users.
7. It comes with the Chrome like tab from which you can easily minimize and switch between multiple apps.

#Final Verdict:

Unlike the other Android emulator out there, MEmu Android emulator provides more speed, smoothness, power and customization to the users. In this emulator, you can even change the brand of the mobile which definitely gives a plus point for this emulator. Due to these reasons, a lot of users prefers and uses this emulator as their primary emulator on their computer.