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McAfee Stinger is a free antivirus application. This software is designed to detect and eliminate specific viruses. It’s not an alternative for a comprehensive antimalware application, but it can surely assist you in enhancing your system’s performance. It’s a portable tool, which is why it doesn’t consume hard disk space. You can run the file on the go or save it on an external storage device if you intend to use it on multiple PCs. Its user interface is straightforward and you can run a thorough scan without hassles. Moreover, you can also customize its settings to fit your needs.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 8
McAfee Stinger
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Software description

McAfee Stinger is a useful solution through which you can eliminate malware from your PC. It scans the files stored in your system on demand and gives you a report on infected files. You can quarantine them or remove them for safety purpose.

System Scan

Unlike standard antimalware applications, it scans the system only when you launch the application. It doesn’t offer comprehensive real-time protection. You can rather use it to deal with specific threats.

On the home screen of McAfee Stinger, you’ll find a Scan option. It scans the system to pinpoint infected files and automatically cleans them. However, you can customize the scan so that it works as per your requirements.

Quarantine Infected Files

The most effective way to eliminate threats is to remove malicious files. However, it’s not always a feasible option. What if the file contains important information and you can’t afford to delete it?

Under such circumstances, you can quarantine infected files. The software cleans the infected files but keeps a backup in a secure place. If you need the file, you can restore it whenever you want. Through Quarantine settings, you can specify the location of backups.

Log Files

Whenever McAfee Stinger performs any operation, it enters the record in a log file. Through its Log tab, you can access those files. Aside from viewing the details about the time and date when the scan was performed, you can also check the actions taken by the software in detail.

Log Settings menu gives you the option to modify the information that should be included in log files. Furthermore, you can also define the location where log files must be stored.

Advanced Settings

One of the major reasons why this software has gained immense appreciation is that it provides users with a wide range of customizable settings. It enables you to blacklist user specified hashes that are likely to tamper with the system.

Through its advanced settings menu, you can access the list of threats that McAfee Stinger can effectively detect. The Settings menu further allows you to select the scan targets, choose scan options, and specify how the software should deal with threats.

McAfee Stinger helps in the detection and removal of viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and other types of malware. It’s a portable tool and you need not install it. It’s a user-friendly application that works on limited resources.