Hulu App

Hulu App

I found that the Hulu is a great app for watching TV shows. One of the first things you do when you login to your application is select about five to ten types of TV shows you enjoy watching, and that will help the application select the types of TV shows that it will initially show you.

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Android / iphone
Hulu App
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Software description

The Hulu App comes with voice command which makes it easy to use so you don’t have to fumble around typing the TV show name in to find the TV show you want to watch. Once you start watching a TV show it has an option to continue watching it later on incase during the show you have to stop watching it and want to come back to it at a later time. Hulu also allows you to delete the continue watching TV shows at anytime, so you don’t have to see it again.

It’s about $6.00 – $8.00 a month, and if you enjoy watching TV shows as soon as they’re done coming out, I found the Hulu to be worth the money. If you don’t want any ads when watching TV be prepared to pay a little bit extra per month.