DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is free software developed by Microsoft that allows PC users to back up their data from the DVD.

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
DVD Shrink
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Software description

Have you ever lose your valuable data that was stored on your DVD? It sounds like crazy when we talk about the DVD in 2019. Back in the ’90s where almost every things were stored in the CD. CD technology was blooming and used as a primary storage device in that era. From the classic songs to the video games, all of them were stored on a CD. Wheres, Today most of the things are stored in cloud technologies like Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Besides the cloud storage, we can also use a small USB, hard drive, etc. that comes with the storage capacity up to certain TeraBytes (TB) to store our data. As storage technology has been getting more smaller and convenient, it is equally being powerful having faster data writing speed and huge storage capacity.

But back there in the ’90s, these kinds of modern storage technology was not there, so many people had to rely on CD as their main storage device. VCD and DVD were smashing the storage market back there in the ’90s. Compared to VCD, DVD was considered as a more advanced form of storage technology than VCD. DVD had more storage capacity which lets users to store high-quality video and movies at that time.

#DVD Shrink:

Basically, this software uses its DVD ripper to backup video from your regular DVD. It was initially produced by Microsoft to allow PC users to reduce the amount of data with the minimum loss of quality.

#Features of DVD Shrink:

1. It is packed with the DeCSS decryption algorithm, which can decrypt most of the DVDs out there.
2. It can open a DVD file contained in Video_TS.
3. It can also open different kinds of modern disk image encryptions like ISO, IMG, NRG or MDS/Ixx.
4. It can re-compress the size of the video by almost 39% of its original size without using any third-party software.
5. It further boosts the performance of video streaming by automatically decoding it.
6. It also allows users to perform ripping and re-encoding the huge 8-cm DVD disc to the standardized DVD disk efficiently in a short amount of time.

#Modes of DVD shrink:

Apart from the feature of this software, This transcoder software runs on two modes. They are explained below:

1. Reauthor mode:

Basically, this mode was designed differently than Full Disk mode, it usually allows users to choose the specific elements from the DVD like audio tracks, subtitles, Menus and many more in shrunken DVD. Compression is automatic in this mode but can be made manual.

2. Full Disk mode:

Apart from the compression, this mode allows users to make a full backup of their data from the DVD. It also supports the automatic as well as manual compression as per user’s requirement.

#Disadvantages of Disk Shrink:

One of the major downsides of this transcoding software is that it does not allow users to completely remove the data from the DVD although some audio and subtitles can be removed from it.

#Final Verdict:

As having a certain caveat, this transcoding software often becomes handy when it comes to ripping and re-encoding a different kind of DVD out there. Most importantly it is used to acquire a backup of the data from the DVD. As it is a free tool developed by Microsoft, you can easily run this software on most of the PCs out there.