DirectX 11

DirectX 11

In a simple term, DirectX is just a bunch of API (Application Programming Interfaces) developed for Windows platform by Microsoft to run the various programs like gaming, multi-media, streaming web-animation, etc. on the PC.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
DirectX 11
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Software description

Have you ever faced a problem while opening a certain games on your PC? Problems like certain (.dll) missing are one of the most intimidating situation ever faced by the majority of PC gamers out there. PC gamers often couldn’t play their games due to the certain (.dll) missing problems on their computer, which is usually caused due to the lack of required version of DirectX to run the game on their PC. To run games on the PC, every PC must have DirectX installed on their computer. Without DirectX, it is not possible to play intense graphical games on your PC.


DirectX being a collection of APIs, it is comprised of more than one APIs. APIs like Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectPlay, DirectMusic, DirectDraw and many more are there in a DirectX to provide the features like playing video games, music, video, drawing graphical objects and many more to the PC users.

PC gaming, multi-media and many more wouldn’t be impossible without DirectX. In a nutshell, DirectX is an API (Application Programming Interfaces) which runs the certain set of code to perform a specific function to the computer via the command of your PC hardware. Generally, it builds an essential connection to build the relationship between hardware and software of the PC to perform the specific task.

#Uses of DirectX:

There are different kinds of APIs in DirectX. Every API has its own set of function. Some of the functions of the most important APIs in the DirectX are given below:

1. Direct3d:

It is a specific API of DirectX which is usually designed by Microsoft to provide the feature like drawing 3d graphics and playing 3d gaming. Allowing users to render the 3rd graphics and 3d games, it is arguably one of the most important API of DirectX.

2. Direct2d:

Just like Direct3d API, it is also one of the most important API that comes with old as well as the newer version of DirectX to provide 2d graphic rendering feature to the PC users.

3. DirectX Media:

Streaming 2d/3d animation, web-animation, streaming multi-media wouldn’t be possible on PC without DirectX Media API. By letting PC users to directly play 2d/3d animation and many more to the user without having to install the third-party plugin, it becomes handy when streaming the different forms of animation to the PC users.

4. DirectSound:

This API allows PC users to directly play and record a different kind of sound waves to the computer. Recording different forms of sounds like music, tracks, beats, voice and playing them from the speakers is only possible due to this API.

5. DirectWrite:

Every computer comes with the pre-installed fonts. Computers need fonts to navigate and write different kinds of definitive textual information. Generally, PC uses DirectWrite API to load and allow users to read and write text or font on their PC.

#Final Verdict:

Though you can perform simple tasks like playing simple video and audio, simple games without DirectX. But you will need DirectX to perform the various intense task to the computer like 3d/2d rendering, multi-media, 3d/2d drawing. web-animation streaming, recording and playing different sound waves and many more. Your computer will eventually fail to operate such tasks if your computer is missing DirectX.

Therefore it is very important to install and use DirectX on your PC. Nowadays most of the computers with Windows 10 even comes with pre-installed DirectX to enhance the performance of the PC. You can also download the DirectX from the official site of Microsoft. DirectX 12 is arguably the newest and best version of DirectX produced by Microsoft, which features enhanced 4k rendering and much more intense processing compatibility to the PC users.