CyberLink YouCam

CyberLink YouCam

Get professional video streaming and live production services with the most comprehensive video services app on the internet! Doesn’t matter if you want a business looking for Skype integration or using Zoom or other meeting services, or even if you are a professional vlogger, YouTuber or Twitch content producer. With YouCam it is truly YOU who is in charge!

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
CyberLink YouCam
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No more do you have to think of your webcam as a clunky piece of hardware making you loathe your streaming setup. Gear up for an upgrade that truly turns your webcam into a powerhouse that you can use to create highly tuned, functional videos with a whole world of quirky addons that allow you to create your own persona online! From fake moustaches and beards to funky hats or even complete Santa outfits, this things has it all. All this fun comes with a zero compromise approach when it comes to ease of use, intuitive interface and the ability to control minute details on your video output.

Or you can put all that aside when you are in your office and focus on that big meeting you have been preparing for! The Presentation Creation Wizard lets you bring that extra oomph to your presentations so that you can totally nail that sales pitch at your client meeting!

Improve Your Business Meetings

Looking your best during your video conference can make a huge difference on the impact you have on your partners and clients. With YouCam you have the ability to fine tune your image to ensure that you look like the best version of yourself. Features include a whole range of things such as:

  • Skin enhancement for added beauty and a highly intuitive virtual live makeup studio that makes you look sharp!
  • Smooth skin effect during live video.
  • Ability to reduce noise and adjust lighting and sharpness features with the TrueTheater™ technology.
  • Ability to project your presentation directly to the video screen through picture in picture mode and the ability to draw live over the presentation
  • Security of your system through face unlock feature that allows access to system through facial recognition only.

The Ultimate Streaming Tool

Whatever your gig is, be it YouTube Live, Twitch, XSplit, Facebook Live or any other streaming software, you can now enhance your stream with the multitude of features YouCam provides!

  • Paint your live stream the way you want with the ability to add images and customizable tiles, be it for advertising, your channel links, logos, sponsorships or promotions.
  • Add fun video filters to give your stream that surreal look.
  • Interact better with the audience using animated emojis.
  • Enhance your look through virtual live makeup or skin effects.

Fun Family Video Chats

The home users can also bring some magic to their video chats through a bunch of funky and cool effects that blend in flawlessly

  • Countless video effects that you can apply in real time for a fun chat.
  • Express yourself better with gadgets and emojis.
  • Tune your images to the colors of your choice and look gorgeous with image fine tuning.
  • Add custom frames to get into the environment you want to be in
  • Take high quality photos and edit them the way you want with a comprehensive editing tool

YouCam is for everyone and works in literally every situation. It is time for you to change your online world with a look that makes you stand out among the crowd!