Anydesk is a software that allows you to gain access to any desktop from anywhere in the globe. The distance is not an issue so long as the internet connection from both sides is okay. With this software, you are able to gain access to the files and folders of a different computer and navigate through it just as if you have it with you.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

It offers users a high access response speed and quality which makes it very reliable. Anydesk could be your home computer and you happen to need something from it while at work. Anydesk requires you to install it on both ends of the computer and you are good to go.

How Anydesk works

The aim of the software is to mirror one computer to another and be able to control it. Anydesk analysis and processes the other computer and then displays its live screen record on a different computer. On the receiving computer, you are able to to move around with the mouse as if the computer you are using is right there with you. Anydesk also gives you permission to use the keyboard and type whatever you want. You can do all sorts of things from the other side of the computer.


High speed and quality

Anydesk is connected to a very powerful server with high technology which makes the speed superfast. When operating on the other side of the computer, the flow of things is smooth even if it does not seem like the case on the specific computer. This is mainly because Anydesk has invested in making operating remotely as smooth as possible. The quality is not compromised by the fact that the transmission speed is good. Anydesk uses DeskRT a which is a powerful video codec to make the quality impressively good.

Built-in transfer

It’s not just controlling a different computer from another. Anydesk gives you the power to transfer things from one computer to another remotely. You can copy and paste a text, download and upload media such as photos, audios, documents and much more.


You can hold meetings and make presentations to people in different places. This is done by allowing them to see the screen of your computer as you elaborate. Any session can be recorded and used in the future for training purposes.

You don’t have to carry around your home computer every time you leave. You can finish up a project from the comfort of your work office without tempering with any of the computers’ files and document. With such quality and processing speed, you can save a lot of time especially if you have something urgent you forgot to do.

Anydesk is available for download and compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 with 32 bits or more as well as the earlier versions; Windows XP and Vista. There are two versions of it available depending on preferences, the free version, and the premium version. The free version only gives you access to a few features while the premium version which you pay for gives you full access to the tools and features