Do you use the google play store? You might want to switch over to Aptoide! Since it’s launch in 2010 the software marketplace has only been getting better.

Software details
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Software description

This app store is available for use on android only smartphones, tablets as well as smart TVs.

How does it work?

The thing that sets this app store apart from others is that, instead of an individual or company uploading their app to an app store, each user are allowed to create their own store and upload their app store. So there could be multiple versions of the same app on Aptoide and they might be different versions or contain different modifications to that app.

How to install Aptoide?

I hear you’re excited now! To install it, it is not as easy as installing an app from the google play store, due to legal reasons.

First, you’ll need to go into your device settings, enable unknown sources before continuing. After that, you will need to go to Aptoide’s official website on the device you want to download it on first, then download the latest apk version. After installing, go through the steps as shown on your device, and you will have Aptoide installed on your device!

Why should you use Aptoide?

Pros of using Aptoide:

  • Modifications, using Aptoide allows you to download a variety of modifications to your favourite games and make them more enticing to play.
  • Paid games for free, using Aptoide allows you to download usually paid games for free to enjoy and use.
  • With its catalogue of more than 120,000 apps, it’s a favourite for many users trying to break free of the google play store.
  • Being free to use it’s definitely one of it’s best features to offer.
  • Aptoide is available in 17 different languages.

Cons of using Aptoide:

  • Different installation method, some users might have difficulty installing Aptoide, due to the different installation method.
  • Not being regulated by google, safety concerns might make users afraid to use the app store.
  • Only android devices, the Aptoide app store is only offered for android devices, let’s hope it will be available to ios users in the coming years.

Is Aptoide safe?

Safety is obviously the #1 concern of every user. Aptoide has claimed to take malware very seriously and have 3 different systems to detect malware.

  • Aptoide runs 3 different anti-viruses on the app
  • Aptoide has its own system to detect recurring threats.
  • Aptoide has a different trust scale for each developer/user.

Users using the app haven’t been complaining about it’s safety feature, therefore, it’s definitely an app store you can trust.

Should you download Aptoide?

Yes, in my opinion, you should use Aptoide without a doubt, if it suits your needs, such as the variety of mods and free games, you normally do not have on google play store. The pros outweigh its cons in almost every aspect and you can rest assured, you will receive a good experience using the app.

In conclusion, Aptoide has been trusted for a number of years now, and you should too, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy its numerous features today!