Latest updates

Microsoft Edge
We use a web browser to surf the internet in our daily life. Surfing web wouldn't be possible without a web browser. Therefore, the web browser has become one of the most important things to browse the internet.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) is a tool that is used to remove any and all bad/malicious software out of the computer's system. The MSRT keeps any and all computers free from any malware or viruses while disposing of suspicious files and programs that may be a threat and cause viruses.

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft provides with SharePoint a multi-functional platform for every corporation or group. From intelligent intranet use which is a core element of the app, shared file management to modern social interaction the app ensures improvement for collaborative and fast teamwork.

Microsoft Teams
With the help of Microsoft Teams, it gives the power of collaboration to all members of the team and allows for a more well-rounded business culture where everyone feels a part of the process.

Windows PowerShell
PowerShell is a command-line task automation system that is shipped with Microsoft Windows (starting with Windows 7 and above). It comes with its own scripting language that can perform a broad array of automation tasks. PowerShell greatly simplifies the work of a system administrator. With PowerShell, one can create a single script and deploy it simultaneously on hundreds of different machines.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft developed a full-featured relational database management system integrated as a product known as Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio 16 is an integrated development environment (IDE). IDE software provides a comfortable environment to the developers with special features and abilities. It is created by Microsoft. This program is used for developing computer programs, web applications, mobile applications and cloud-based services. That aside, for companies and teams, it also offers the features of vision control, application control and agile planning. Moreover, for the coder community, it offers a free of cost environment.

Microsoft Office
One of the most widely used software packages out there is Microsoft Office, also referred to as MS Office. The goal of its design is to be a complete solution to all your office needs, as it strives to replicate all the functions of an average office setting on a computer, which is why it was named so. It’s been around for an incredibly long time, as far as computer software today goes, and that is a result of the vision and competence of its creator, Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Microsoft Security Essentials update
Microsoft Security Essentials is an effective tool for dealing with malware. It prevents malware attacks with the help of real-time protection tool and also helps you look for potential threats in files saved in the hard disk.