Samsung Galaxy S9

We all loved everything about the Galaxy S8.The elegant design it had, the greatly improved features and the new curved style gave the phone its huge popularity. Likewise, we can expect more of Samsung this year, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is about to be here. Breaking news? Of course not we have been waiting for the release of this new brilliant device for long.

Expected Features
Actually, with all rumored and leaked features, the Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t seem to be much different from the previous version of the S series, so if you are hoping for a big jump in specifications, sadly it is not the time. It is not just the Samsung Galaxy S9 that will be launched, the plus version is also expected to be out too. Many rumors are doing the rounds and there are some details and features by someone who allegedly has used the Galaxy S9.

However, what we know for sure is some features that were officially announced by Samsung such as the camera characters. When it comes to the price it is expected to be in the S8 price range. Most likely it will cost 720-750 Dollars, perhaps a little higher.

Recently Leaked Specifications
Some features are rumored that will get gain much interest, such as the in-screen scanner and the increased screen resolution. However, the size of display will be just like the Galaxy S8 with a curved Super-AMOLED screen. Also, the new position of the fingerprint scanner is mostly by the rear camera. The very special thing about the camera is the improved slow motion feature and the dual-lens feature.

Moreover, the battery is rumored to have a 3,000mAh capacity. A 4GB R.A.M is also expected and maybe a 6GB R.A.M in the S9-plus version. Not much of this is entirely for sure. But we will know soon enough.

When Can You Buy One?
If you are asking about the launch date of the S9, the release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 was decided to be on February 25, 2018. It is also expected to be a major event in 2018.

However, it is not known yet when it will reach its first users. Many assume that pre-orders may start on the 1st of March and will be available to customers by mid-March.