Oracle Database

Oracle database is also known as the relational database management system or the RDBMS which was made by the Oracle Corporation. This was developed by a man named Lawrence Ellison in the year 1977. The Oracle database is actually one of the most trusted and commonly used database engines nowadays.

Its system is built surrounding by a database framework wherein those data can be easily accessed by all its users. The Oracle database is most commonly used by global enterprises that have the ability to manage and process data in a local and wide area. This database system actually has its very own network component which gives you the control in having communications across other networks.

The Oracle database is actually in rival with Microsoft SQL Server in the market. There are many offers in a database, however, most of these offers only have a small market share in comparison with the SQL server and Oracle database.

This system is most commonly run and applied on most of the major platforms that we have. Examples of which are the Windows, Linux, UNIX, and the Mac OS. Also, it comes with different kinds of software which will, of course, depend on the budget. The Oracle database also has its own hierarchy.

• Enterprise Edition – that allow to give out all kinds of features that have a high performance and of course security
• Standard Edition – This has the basic functions for those consumers that do not have or require the Enterprise Edition
• Express Edition – This is usually free and limited to Windows and Linux
• Oracle Lite – Which are intended for smartphone users.

This system offers various services, solutions, and some features.

• In Memory – it can boost up both analytic and some mixed workload that can still give out high performance for any kind of transaction.
• Oracle Multitenant – It can make isolations in a fast and economical way
• Oracle RAC – which performs to get rid of database servers that can be a reason for the system to fail.
• Security – It provides layers of security which controls to know some risks, to prevent some unwanted data disclosure, and it can also track any database activities.

With this system, it has also released many versions. Some of which are the following.

• Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – which was out last September 2009
• Oracle Database 11g Release 1 – which was out last September 2007
• Oracle Database 12c Release 1 – released last July 2013
• Oracle Database 18c – which was actually the latest and was just released in February 20018
• Oracle Database 12c Release 2 – which was out on the market in September 2016 for the cloud and March 20017 for the on-prem

Truly, the Oracle database is a widely known system because of its features and works that can be done in the technology world. With this, it has changed many things in either our computer system, mobile devices and even on our local networks. Though it is widely known, it still keeps all its database safe and secured at all times.