Only Winners Use Google Pay, Android Pay Is For The Rest

Android pay and Google Pay are digital wallets created by Google in 2015 to enable prompt transfer of funds using android devices (phones, tablets, smart watches)

From a layman’s point of view, one cannot really tell the functionality supremacy of Google Pay over Android Pay since they function almost similarly. They have a friendly user interface hence easy to use and operate. The apps are compatible with thousands of Android devices, is a major milestone Google has achieved as compared to apple pay.

Both of these apps, like PayPal, only require an email address to transfer funds from one user to the other. They share common features like;

· Showing the balance at a glance.
· Allow you to add money from the bank account, cash out, credit and debit cards.
· Monthly statements of the transactions.
· Notification emails.
· Security updates.

Even though they share these interesting features, Google Wallet is way superior to android pay evident by its amazing features.

In other words, Google Pay is an enhanced redesign of android pay with the following features;

· Run different looks and styles on its interface.
· Add loyalty cards, credit cards, debit cards etc.
· Enjoy shopping at different stores and outlets.
· Enjoy free gifts from the play store.
· Send money fast and easily via an email address just like PayPal.
· The app stores loyalty program information.
· Notifications that remind you to swipe cards to earn points.
· Mails your receipts.
· Compatible with many devices.
· Activates promptly (tap) to NFC (Near Field Communication)

Google pay has over the years gained popularity and is currently available in most parts of the world. To mention a few;

US, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Ukrane, Poland, New Zealand, Ireland and Japan. South Korea, Slovakia and France are yet to embrace its services in 2018.