Now on your Mobile Phone or IOS, the best game ever

Game lovers have always been looking for the application that can entertain them. They love to have a big battle not only on their laptops but also on their tablets or mobile phones. And now here is the most enjoyable game right in the palm of their hands.

A new level of war has been reached to satisfy the interest of your desire attacking your enemies. Seven days was only the time of Fortnite for you to play but now PUBG has released it full time to your Android or IOS. That will give you the fun all the time.

The game starts with a serious situation that there was a storm wiped out most of the people, the sky was covered in clouds, zombie-like creatures were everywhere attacking the survivors.

Fortnite has up to four players planning different missions to beat the other creature that try to kill them. The four players divide the missions on them, collecting maps, searching for resources, setting traps, building shields, and protecting survivors from the storm. The main aim is to save the world and find a way to return Earth to its previous state. The players can get rewards to improve the warrior skills, update weapon options and set advanced traps to be able to achieve harder missions. The game provides upgrading purchases for faster improvements.

The game has achieved a great success as it has been downloaded by a huge number of players who liked the application and wished they would have it a long time ago. Now, PUBG Mobile is on the top of games list because of the heavy turnout. The view of Apple store’s top list has been changed since PUBG released these two platforms that meet the admiration of a huge number of players. PUBG Mobile became one of the most downloaded applications in 48 countries.