Microsoft Visual Studio

Most of us use a bundle of applications and software on the daily basis that covers a vast number of categories. These applications and software with the help of specially designed software with unique features and abilities, known as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the IDEs that enables to produce a wide range of applications.

According to Finance Online, it is ranked #1 in the list of Top 10 IT Development Software. It is also one of the top 5 in the IT Management Software list. Any person who has a taste for software development must know about this application, as it has become widely famous in the IT industry.It has become essential to know that what is Visual Studio, What features benefits it offers and what are the reviews and recommendations from the community.

What is Microsoft Visual Studio?
This product is an integrated development environment (IDE). IDE software provides a comfortable environment to the developers with unique features and abilities. Microsoft creates it.

This program used for developing computer programs, web applications, mobile applications and cloud-based services. That aside, for companies and teams, it also offers the features of vision control, application control, and agile planning. Moreover, for the coder community, it provides a free of cost environment. It is available on the widely used platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

What does it offer?
Visual Studio offers a wide range of features depending upon the price plan and requirement of the user.

• Project collaboration: the members of a team or a company can add their work for the team.
• Manage users: the authorized user can add, remove or restrict users on priorities.
• Customize dashboard: changes are possible in the main panel or dashboard.
• Create reports: the environment allows creating progress reports about the project.
• Task management: it enables to assign task to members and keep track of it.
• Java, Ruby, Python etc.: This platform supports many programming languages.
• Identifies bugs: IDE’s debugger helps to spot errors in the code.
• Freemium version: A specific version of the software is available for free, mainly for coders.
• View backlogs: The list of important tasks is visible in the backlogs.
• Eclipse plugin: Eclipse is an IDE that can work in collaboration with Visual Studio.
• Git client support: The users have a Git client built directly into their IDE.
• Video tutorials: The video tutorials are also provided for users to learn.
• Peek definitions: it enables the user to quickly check a function’s definition without going into extensive detail.
•Benefits for using visual studio

One of the most striking benefits of using this platform is that the developer would need other IDEs for different kind of applications. This platform alone supports Android, iOS, Desktop and Web applications as well as various programming languages including C, C++, Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, M, XML/XSLT, CSS, HTML/XHTML and JavaScript.

Then, the platform also provides an efficient IntelliSense feature. This feature gives a swift prompt for suggestions for the possible code. IDEs feature allows the user to code quickly without getting worried about the syntax errors. This feature keeps the developers with much ease.

That aside, the platform also offers the code review tool feature, named Devart’s Review Assistant, where you can submit your proposal for a review. This tool is hugely beneficial to the developers as it creates an opportunity for them to review their work and improve their skills.

Pricing Plans
The IDE is available on different pricing plans depending upon the features and services provided. The license is available on a monthly and annual basis. Also, a standalone license is also available for subscription. The detailed plan of benefits and features of the all the subscriptions is available on the official website of Microsoft Visual Studio.

For teams, the prices range from $2,999 to 5,999 per month, whereas standalone license starts from $45 per user for visual studio professional and $499 for Visual studio enterprise.

Reviews and Recommendations
However, the developer community has shared some concerns regarding the software.

First of all, this platform is regarded as overkill for small projects. For larger projects, the platform assists in an excellent way, while in case of the smaller project, some developers like lighter IDEs, such as Notepad++. Then, the documentation of the software is also hard to understand.

Moreover, there is criticism over graphics editor of the platform. Also, the product also requires a lot of processing power for deploying tools, which compromises the performance of the computers below Core i5. Not only it takes a lot of processing power, but also consumes a considerable portion of RAM and hard-disk drive, which makes other application work slow.

Some of the users are also concerned about the price of the product. It is regarded as expensive for the individual developers. Apart from these concerns, the users are very comfortable with the platform. Most of the users have also recommended this product to other developers who are looking for compatible management and coding platform. The developer community expects that Microsoft would look into the recommendations.

Having said these, Microsoft Visual Studio has a lot to offer. This integrated development environment is the best suitable for developing broad categories of applications. It incorporates several features and services to facilitate individual users and companies.

This all in one platform provides many benefits to users including IntelliSense feature, Review Assistant tool and all-in-one capabilities of the platform. The pricing plan of the platform offers a range of options for the users. A free version is also available for coders. For a developer, it has become imperative to learn about this platform.