Microsoft Silverlight Review

Microsoft Corporation is a well-known company that develops and sells licensed products. The goal of this organization is to create those software and applications that will make the work of developers easier and will provide them with multiple useful tools at a single platform. Microsoft Silverlight is a great tool that was introduced in 2007 for facilitating the task of Web and Mobile Applications development. The applications designed through this platform are particularly targeted for business customers.

For every website developer and app builder, finding the appropriate designing tool is crucial in developing an interactive website or app. If this is what you are looking for, then the Microsoft Silverlight is your best bet. Microsoft Silverlight is one of the most powerful web and app development tool. It is used by both amateurs and pros to create highly responsive and interactive applications.

The advantage of using this development tool is that it is compatible with as many browsers as possible. It is also compatible with multiple operating systems, phones and devices. Microsoft Silverlight is suitable for media, business, and mobile apps. You easily build your app from scratch and share it across the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you are looking for multiple formats, the tool can also do that while protecting your valuable content. Get started with Microsoft Silverlight today and take advantage of the various tools that come with it.

How to Use:

Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in is a completely free tool that can be downloaded from the link published on this webpage. But the development kit needs to be purchased. With the help of this tool it is possible and easier to create interactive Web applications for business users. With its free browser plug-in the users can enjoy a great experience of video streaming.


Microsoft Silverlight is available for both Windows as well as Mac Operating System. It can work on all versions of Windows that were released after Vista including Microsoft Vista. It is compatible with selected versions of Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox Browsers. It no longer works in Google Chrome. It can operate on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, but minimum requirement for RAM is 512 MB and that of processor is 1.6 GHz for Windows. While for Macintosh systems it needs 1.83 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM to work properly.


it was used by popular website IMDB for development of high quality application. Netflix also uses its features for displaying videos in high quality graphics and animations without any interference. Its applications are mostly developed by .NET developers who can use many different programming languages for this purpose. For the creation of these projects, JavaScript, HTML and XAML files along with a code behind file in the supported programming language are built.


The major drawback of this tool is that is not yet introduced for smart phones, i.e. iOS and Android Operating Systems. In the modern days, these devices are most commonly used for enjoying videos and applications, but no plug-in is launched up till now that can work on these devices. Moreover this tool was left behind by Adobe developers in terms of many features. However many developers still find it more beneficial.

Microsoft Silverlight is a useful tool that can be used for building Business Applications with high quality graphics and multimedia presentations. Adobe AIR is a similar tool that is developed by another developer and both the software are trying to overcome each other. But due to the vast features and options, it is difficult to say that which one is better. Both the tools hold some advantages that can be found after using both of them.