Microsoft Edge

In a nutshell, a web browser is just a software application which uses different browsing engine to compile and translate the programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and different other languages, to display the actual website to its user in a simplified way. As every website is made up of code, A certain set of programming skills are required to build a website. On the other hand, a web browser is a tool which is used to render the actual code of the website and view them on the screen in a simplified and systematic way instead a bunch of codes.

There are a lot of web browsers available on the internet which can be easily download Microsoft Edge and install on your computer for free. Among them, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are used and preferred by the majority of the people around the globe.

#Microsoft Edge:

Developed by Microsoft in 2015, it is a light-weight, cross-platform and fast web browser compared to its big competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Based on chakra browsing engine it is arguably one of the most efficient web browsers compared to other web browsers out there. It is available on Windows, Xbox One, Android and iOS. According to the research, Edge ranks at the #3 position in the most used web browser following after Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Talking about the features, it comes up with the handy feature of inbuilt AI Cortana, which helps you easily navigate, open through the different website and many more with just your voice command. It is also packed with inbuilt Adobe Flash Player and PDF Reader. It provides a lot of option to download the extension to further improve your browsing experience from Microsoft Store.


Performance plays a big role when browsing the web. Users often get offended due to slow loading in many web browser. Though your internet is speed enough, loading speed vastly depends upon which version of the web browser you’re using. A lot of modern web browser these days comes with the latest browsing engine to upgrade the rendering speed of the website to providing faster loading time.

Microsoft Edge uses a chakra browsing engine to provide the fastest browsing experience to its users. According to the overall benchmark of Microsoft edge tested by SunSpider benchmark, Edge kinda gets an upper hand regarding performance and speed by outperforming both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

#Power Efficiency:

Unlike Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, It is voted as #1 power efficiency web browser, it is undoubtedly one of the best battery saving web browser out there. By consuming less power and providing the best performance, it is definitely widely used and preferred by millions of people around the world.