Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that protects PCs against spyware, adware, ransomware, malicious programs and viruses which threaten millions of PCs around the world today. It comes in two versions – the Free version and the Premium version. The anti-malware scans your PC, detects and cleans up any existing forms of Malware. Malicious and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) get into your PC when you visit malicious sites on the Web, use infected storage devices to exchange data or even when playing games, whether offline or online. These viruses commonly appear as attachments, advertisements or free downloads. After that, these viruses infect your PC by exploiting the weaknesses of the installed Operating System and other software. Unprotected PCs and those PCs installed with traditional anti-virus are at risk of a malware attack since malware has evolved to the extent of beating key system defenses. These malicious programs and malware attack PCs and use the installed memory resources to steal sensitive files, launch Denial of Service attacks and in some cases, mine cryptocurrency.

When you install the Free version, you get a 14-day trial of all the premium features. After this window, you can opt to upgrade to the Premium version or proceed with the Free Version. Free or Premium version, it is an essential security kit since it offers maximum protection to your PC. The latest version – Malwarebytes 2018, comes with overall improved detection and protection features and has an easy-to-navigate User Interface. Its User Interface has been improved and enhanced to ensure you have a seamless user experience when using it. Moreover, Malwarebytes has also provided fixes for crashes and bugs related to web protection and device protection. The main aspect in focus in this latest version is the achievement of software stability. Malwarebytes has been improved to reduce the number of bugs, crashes and equally utilize the Computer’s resources appropriately.

The Premium version comes with advanced features which include anti-ransomware features, real-time protection, and anti-exploit features. In addition, the Malwarebytes Premium Version can also be used concurrently with other traditional antivirus software without hogging the resources of your PC. With the advanced nature of offline and online threats these days, you might consider using the premium version, since it has features that can offset these threats accordingly. Ransomware is on the rise today, and once it gets past an installed antivirus, or slips into an unprotected PC, it encrypts the hard drive of that PC and locks the user out of their files. It then asks the user to pay an amount of money within a given period so that they can gain access to their data. This ransomware can wipe the entire hard drive or corrupt the files if the ransom is not paid. While the Free version cleans up existing malware, the Premium version maintains real-time protection and reduces chances of an attack from ransomware and other kinds of malware. Malwarebytes blocks suspicious ransomware tricks such as unauthorized file encryption and cleans the PC of such malware.

Since malicious programs and various forms of malware attack PCs randomly, and having real-time protection is very important since it reinforces the defenses of your PC. The Premium Version comes with real-time protection capabilities which ensure perimeter protection against malicious Potentially Unwanted Programs. It scans every service, program and activity at the time of execution to ensure that it is not harmful. In the Free Version, however, some kinds of malware can slip through your defenses and get into the PC, which could lead to damage and corruption of existing files and folders. The Premium version has multiple layers of protection, and constantly monitors your PC and checks for suspicious and irregular behavior or performance. This is particularly so since it is equipped with robust anti-ransomware features and that most anomalies in PC behavior and performance are related to ransomware.

The anti-exploit feature in the Premium Version protects your PC against hostile kits which use exploits to gain entry to various installed programs or even the operating system. These exploit kits are found in malicious websites, and visiting such sites can infect your PC. They infiltrate installed programs by gaining entry through back-doors. Once they have gained access, they infect your computer and alter its normal functioning. Malwarebytes keeps track of attack vectors and destroys exploit kits once detected. Some sites on the web host malicious programs and kits and visiting such websites can expose your PC to some of these threats. On that note. It is worth noting that some sites are embedded with malicious programs which install in your Browser and use it for suspicious activity like mining cryptocurrency. The effect of this is the high usage of your PC’s resources and reduced battery life. Malwarebytes has advanced protection features against malicious websites which include blocking IP addresses of these sites.

Malwarebytes conducts scheduled checks for malicious files on your PC and quarantines these files for further action. You can go ahead and perform various actions to those files depending on the actions available. Rebooting your PC completes the process and gets rid of all existing forms of malware. When using the Free Version, it is recommended to use another antivirus that offers real-time protection. Real-time protection ensures that your PC is being constantly monitored for threats. Hackers, cyber-criminals, and unscrupulous IT experts are rapidly evolving to create malicious software, exploit kits and various forms of malware which can bypass defenses of different systems in the market today. In most cases, the effect of these viruses is catastrophic when a PC is infected, and installing an antivirus is a good step as far as security is concerned. With this in mind, the choice of the antivirus you select has to be checked against some features, since some viruses have outgrown traditional antivirus software. Compared to other antivirus software, Malwarebytes is light-weight, powerful, responsive and fast. Malwarebytes is an ideal anti-malware software, and it is an important tool in the security toolkit of PC users who are mindful of their files.