Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Antivirus is an antivirus program that is capable of running on any version of the Windows 10 Operating System. The Antivirus Software helps protect against malware and phishing attacks. The software comes with a basic free version and an advanced version. Kaspersky Antivirus also offers spyware protection. Kaspersky offers browsing security by marking up search results and flagging dangerous links so that you do not click on them. Kaspersky Antivirus also offers a file, web, email and IM protection. The paid edition offers a System Watcher. Kaspersky Antivirus package comes with a rescue disk that enables you to eliminate virus from your system in case a severe malware infestation prevents you from operating your Antivirus Software. Kaspersky Antivirus Software can be downloaded from Moo Soft. In order to install, double click on the downloaded file. click the link to review the End User Licence Agreement, agree to the terms and the software would be ready for installation. Once installation is co plete, the software can be launched via a Desktop Icon.

This is the story behind the scene:
Anti-Viruses were developed initially to protect computers against hackers and viscous programmers who found joy in destroying people’s work. Hackers used to do it for fun, they used to break codes to learn and compete, however as the world of technology is changing so are the motives behind virus creation. Paid hackers have become recently common, they are paid to sabotage competitors, access confidential data, or simply destroy a business by erasing all the files on your computer or server. Nevertheless, there is more to hacking than just destroying your data, new competitor anti-viruses in the market have found that by deceiving people to make them think that their computer is running slowly or that they has a virus, people will actually download their anti-virus, unfortunately many people fall for this scam and download the wrong anti-virus only to discover later on that they have made a terrible mistake.

Where is the value?antivirus
When you download Kaspersky you get a whole team of programmers behind you, working day and night to fight viruses, worms, and malware. Our programmers create antidotes to protect you from the developing threats. But that is not all, when you download Kaspersky AntiVirus you are protected by the number one anti-virus in the world that blocks malicious programs and websites that are continuously attempting to force themselves onto your computer to illustrate how vulnerable and poorly protected your computer is, but luckily this does not work on Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Still not convinced?
Well here is more,Kaspersky you will get full instantaneous protection on all your emails, including a plug-in that can be linked with your outlook express. Kaspersky AntiVirus will regularly update you if there are any potential harmful threats and will show you your protection status at all times. The 2019 version has also new improved security measures against spyware and advanced protection against dangerous websites. And do not forget to try the parental control option to ensure minors are not exposed.

Kaspersky is now fully compatible with windows 8, keeping you up-to-date with the newest operating systems. And unlike other competitor anti-viruses Kaspersky Anti-Virus runs your system much faster by reducing the amount of required resources to operate the program and by postponing the launch of the program until your operating system has opened. So what are you waiting for? Kaspersky Anti-Virus now and enjoy full automated protection, a faster operating system, and peace of mind.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Key Features:
• Protects against all viruses
• Detects new, emerging and unknown threats
• Identifies suspicious websites and phishing websites
• Prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities on your PC
• Automatic download and installation features

Kaspersky Antivirus offers essential safety for your operating system. It works in a defensive manner to protect your valuable files from worms, spyware, latest viruses and much more. It is the ultimate security management solution and the good thing is that, it is light as, it doesn’t slow down your system. It offers the best possible virus protection features, but has slight issues related to system resource usage, technical support and usability. But still it carries some essential features like heuristic detection, which is the ability to track previously unknown viruses.

Some Essential Protection Features
• IM Antivirus
This antivirus automatically scans both incoming and outgoing instant message links. It helps in tracking phishing attempts and malicious content. By automatic, we mean here that, you need to turn the switch on in order to make use of this feature. If, you leave it off it won’t scan the IM links.

• Mail Antivirus
In the same manner this antivirus allows, you to protect all email folders – inbox, sent, spam, etc. from harmful emails. There are three levels of protection, to choose from, for your emails. There are ‘low’, ‘recommended’ and the ‘high’ sliders. Adjust them according to your requirement.

User Interface
The best thing about the user interface is that, it is very easy to understand. At the home panel, you will only see the basic buttons like ‘update’, ‘scan’, etc. and these are buttons that are used mostly. For customized settings, you will need to hit the ‘settings’ button, which is at the bottom and not much noticeable. There are some handy settings and features that, you can make use of.

Technical Support
For beginners, it might be difficult to address the technical issues, as locating information is not that easy. When you look for support, this antivirus will open different pop-up windows and WebPages. As there is no centralized support page it gets very confusing. Technical support unit takes a hefty amount of money to remove any sort of virus, when Kaspersky AntiVirus itself fails to diagnose or clean. There are some antivirus software’s that provide free virus-removal services.

Resource Usage
Resource usage of the 2019 version, of Kaspersky AntiVirus, is quite high. According to a test the memory usage went up to 130MB in idle mode, which is equivalent to 7% of the RAM on any 2GB memory processing unit. In the same manner during full system scan the CPU usage shot to 30%-70%. The resource usage can put strain on your system during light activities also.

Kaspersky 2019 offers maximum security and has maintained its position in the market, as one of the most competent antivirus programs. But there are only two issues related to resources usage and technical support that we need to look after. In different independent tests Kaspersky AntiVirus has topped various categories. Only if they could manage their expensive and confusing technical support, it will become an ideal choice for users. The latest version offers a good deal of bonus tools and world-class phishing security features that are very useful.