iPhone 9 Release Date

For iPhone lovers, every rising number brings new thrill and frenzy. However, things have changed now. This year, it is the number in reverse. You should all have probably guessed it now. Yes, it is all about iPhone 9. When iPhone X was released, there was a great buzz in the market that why Apple has skipped number 9. Especially, comedians and vloggers had a great time with it. Nevertheless, iPhone had others plans; they have announced 2018 to be the year of iPhone 9. What is the release date of iPhone9? What features will it have? What will be the price and what impact is it going to have on the market? For finding all of these answers, keep reading below.

What is iPhone Release Date?
This new cell-phone from iOS expected to be announced in September 2018, which is the month when Apple usually launches its cell-phones. IPhone has long history of launching its phones in September, which makes it predictable, even the exact date of launch can be anticipated. This year, it is expected to be September 11 or September 12, whereas the phone is predicted to reach in the markets on September 21. The release dates the previous iPhone models were as under:

iPhone Model Announce Date Release Date
iPhone 5 Wednesday, Sep. 12 Friday, Sep. 21
iPhone 5S Tuesday, Sep. 10 Friday, Sep. 20
iPhone 6 Tuesday, Sep. 9 Friday, Sep. 19
iPhone 6S Wednesday, Sep. 9 Friday, Sep. 25
iPhone 7 Wednesday, Sep. 7 Friday, Sep. 16
iPhone 8 Tuesday, Sep. 12 Friday, Sep. 22
iPhone X Tuesday, Sep. 12 Friday, Nov. 3

As you can see, all of the above iPhones are either released on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. This year these days lie on 11th and 12th of September. That apart, it is also obvious that all the models of iPhone are released on Fridays. This year Friday lies on 21th of September, which should be the release date of iPhone 9 in the markets. However, it is still possible that the release date differs from the expectations like it did in case of iPhone X; this product was released in November, two months later from the routine schedule.

Expected Price and Features
Although there have not been received any updates about the product, there have been a lot of anticipations and rumors about the product. None of the following information is verifiable. Rather, the information is gathered from expert opinions from the analysists and random updates from the leaks and rumors. Therefore, it is advised to take it with a grain of salt.

The price of the iPhone 9 is predicted to be within the range of $900 to $1050. It is anticipated that the new phone would be relatively cheaper in price, as it would be close to iPhone 8 rather than iPhone X. Recently, iPhone X faced criticism for its price, and the sale of the product over the span of one year was below expectations. That’s why it is great chances that Apple will make this product a budget phone to attract a wide range of users across the globe. On the other hand, if the latest iPhone turns out to the sequel of iPhone X, as some far-fetched rumors suggest, the price could be much higher than expected. In this case, it will cost within the range of $1200 to $1500.

Specs and Features

Design and Display
This product will supposedly have 6.1 inch display. The frame will not be of stainless steel this time; rather, aluminum will be used in its production.

A single-lens 8 megapixel camera is anticipated to be provided, as we saw in iPhone 8. The quality, however, will be relatively higher as compared to iPhone 8.
Processor and RAM. The processor for this upcoming phone could be Octacore with 4 GB RAM.

For all the models of 2017, Apple allowed wireless charging, as it switched to glass from metal. Now, as this model is expected have a metal frame, it might not have wireless charging feature. However, it is much expected that this phone would come with the fast charging.

Home Button
This sole feature that is widely loved by the people was absent in iPhone X: Home button. This model is expected to include this feature, for it is the hall-mark of Apple.

Touch Id
Along with the Home button, iPhone X also skipped Touch Id feature. The face recognition feature in that model had many limitations and it could not replace Touch Id. Therefore, this feature is likely to appear on iPhone 9.

Dual Sim
One of the most Surprising news about this product is that it comes with the dual sim feature. Unlike USA, the people in Asia prefer this feature, as it allows them connect with various carriers. This change can boost the market of iPhone in Asia.

Impact of iPhone 9 on the markets
According to Gartner, which has been tracking smartphone sales since 2004, the calendar year of 2017 witnessed iPhone sale drop up to 1.1 M. The reason behind this is thought to have been the ultra- expensive models from the company. As the technology is advancing, several new companies are starting to produce high-featured cell phones at much lower price than Apple. Therefore, now there is a tough competition for Apple, and there is a need of a low-budget iPhone with reasonable features in the marketplace that can attract the wide range of customers around the globe. However, with the launch of iPhone 9, Apple will supposedly attract a large share of the budget phone world market, and that would

increase stability of the company in the market.
Having said these, iPhone 9 is predicted to be launched in September 2018. It is supposed to be a low budget phone that will include several widely loved features that were missing in iPhone X. The price of this cell-phone is speculated to be within the range of $900 to $1050. Alternatively, if the cell-phone arrives as a sequel of iPhone X, it could be around $1200 to $1400. There are much speculations and rumors about the features, but it is expected that this product will be close to iPhone 8. Being a budget phone with reasonable features, this product is expected to make a greater difference in the global market than its predecessors.