Injustice 2: TMNT DLC

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2 is a fighting video game released on different platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox-One, iOS and even Android.

Since its release in 2017, NetherRealm Studios has been releasing downloadable content with the most recent one being the Fighter Pack-3 which includes Injustice 2: TMNT DLC. This DLC pack contains the four Teenage Mutant-Ninja Turtles and can be downloaded and used on the platform of your choice.

How To Use
Injustice 2 DLC characters can be found in different console stores like the PSN and Microsoft Store. The process of finding the Injustice 2: TMNT DLC in these different console stores can be a long and tiresome one. The easiest way to get the DLC characters, if you are using a PlayStation 4, is to go to the Injustice 2 page on the Home Menu or Game Library and find the “Related Items” section. From here you can manually download owned pieces of the content.

For gamers who prefer Xbox One, the process is also a little different. All you have to do is go to your Apps and find Injustice 2. Manage the game and you will be able to locate the DLC available for installation.

The Injustice-2: TMNT DLC was the final release of the Fighter Pack-3 DLC. It contains the four Teenage Mutant Ninja-Turtles, and these can be downloaded onto your platform and used in Injustice 2.

All four ninja turtles share the same features such as the Shellocopter and other similarities like quickness and same defensive technic call Turtling, but then all of them also have character-specific abilities that adds up to basically four unique playing styles.

These different abilities make each character suitable for different skilled players. For players who prefer close-range damage, Raphael is the best to use as he has unmatchable powerful normal combos while Donatello is perfect for long-range damage as he has the ability to use different gadgets for long-range combos. Leonardo is for players who prefer consistency than wild attacks, as he is perfect for mid-range damage while Michelangelo is the complete opposite as he can use a skateboard that makes him so spontaneous is his attack.