How To Write A Report

In this article, I will talk about how to write a report to be published online, not be used by your boss in a meeting. The technique of writing an online report is simple, if you know what to present. Of course, you will not start to speak about the history of the coffee, if you have to write a report about the sales that were reached by your company in the last semester. This should not happen, and if it will, without the approval of your boss, this could lead to some problems.

A report is based always on a meeting that occurs between those who are making the report and those who demand it. In our situation, a manager from the USA could require a report for the sales achieved by a branch of the company headquartered in the USA, a branch from France, for example.

The report should be in English and should use terms that everybody will understand. It should have a certain structure that was agreed by those who demand that report. Of course, this will not be a presentation in PowerPoint, although these are very useful as well, it is going to be a report written in a Word text editor, designed for the understanding of the both parties, those who create the report and those who see it for the first time.

Luckily, writing reports is a task that is there in school, in high-school, university and so on. If you attend to some online courses, you definitely wrote a report somewhere in time. So, the requirements here are not how to write a proper report, but how to make the report to be successful and to reach its target, which is to make the managers or the customers, or providers to understand the exact purpose for which we are presenting that report.

If the report shows that the sales in the last semester were not exactly good, we should propose some methods of regaining back our customers by dropping the prices and offering new services. This is the object of that person who does the report. Usually, the employee who writes such a report, has among his duties to provide solutions to make the task more successful, if it is not or to maintain the task as successful as it is now, if this is possible.

The technique of writing a report is the same, whether you write a long report or a short one. Consider that your presentation is going to be an online one, this is why you should write short reports in order not to bother too much those who are gonna listen.

Normally, those who are writing reports, do that based on some information got from another part or from other employee, or created by themselves. The last situation is the most encountered in the world of business. For example, an employee, especially those who are in the sales business, has to provide information based on real numbers and facts. He must collaborate with the financial department, to provide the most accurate figures.

Don’t try to make the numbers look good, if they don’t. It is better to present the situation as it is, than to lie in a report. In this way, those who are supposed to take the right decision, could start a strategy for it. By seeing some fake numbers, they will create a strategy good for those numbers, not for the real ones and this could lead to confusion in running the branch from another country, not mentioning that the employee who does that will be kicked off the company.

The report mus contain a brief paragraph or a summary of what is next. In the first paragraph of the report, write a few words about what are you going to present. These days, the videoconferences use the voices of those involved in such a meeting, so you can speak while you present the first page of the report.

It is ok to make some jokes at the beginning, but try to keep it only at the beginning. When you start to discuss numbers, the people will not be that glad if you say that the sales dropped and you continue to make bad jokes about it. Use tables and graphics and make the report easy to be read and understood. Don’t curse while you are presenting a report. And one more thing. Always attach document to your presentation. Remember I have spoken at the beginning of my article about financial reports. Well, if you work in the sales field, then you should rely your research on the financial data provided by the financial department, which should be a valuable resource when writing a report.

Make sure that all your pages are numbered. No one likes to see a page without a number, usually placed at the bottom of the page in the middle. Say from the beginning that the report has 10 pages or 15, in this way, you will make the audience to know exactly how long the report will be. You can count the minutes of the presentation of the report, if you do a preview of how the report will look like. You can try to count the minutes while you present the report in the front of a mirror or something, without reading the actual report. In this way, you will be the worse critic of yourself and the presentation will be improved. The people will appreciate this from